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Posted 5/4/01

My name is Eris Cooper Lowrey, I graduated from Clarke College in 1947. I am hoping to fine some of my classmates and receive e-mails pertaining to any information concerning Clarke College.
Thank you,
Eris Cooper Lowrey
Email: puterlona@msn.com


.Dolores Goodman Martin - Class of '47
Laurel, MS
Posted 1/15/08

It has been a while since I last saw Clarke and I am among the many who mourn its closing.
I lost Jack in 1993 while living in New Orleans. Since Katrina I moved to Laurel where my youngest daughter and her family live. I have made lots of friends and even encountered a few Clarke graduates. I am presently visiting my second daughter and her husband Regina and Wayne Carter, both Clarke graduates.
Everybody is already too busy but I feel once a friend always a friend. Take a moment Old Timers and let me hear from you. Dolores Martin


Email: dgm1928@yahoo.com


Arnett McCoy, March 1948-June 1949
Carriere, MS
Posted 1/30/10

 My wife and I met at Clarke in 1948 and married, June 1949. We only lacked a few hours of graduating since I had transferred credits from Auburn. This is why we did not stay and graduate. We entered  Louisiana College in the fall term of 1949.

Having said this, Clarke College meant more to us than and other school we attended. The friends we mande there have remained friends all these years.

Lyn and I celebrated our 60th wedding anniversary this past, June 18th. We have been able to attend some of the reunions but lost track of the times of meetings since we did not receive the communications anymore. I have just dug out the one from 2001. I know we have attended since then and hope to be able to atttend this year. Please give me the date.

In his service,

Rev. G. Arnett McCoy

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1269 Caesar Rd.
Carriere, MS 39426

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Joyce Hudson Griswold – Class of ‘48
Birmingham, AL
Posted 4/16/10

Message: Am trying to locate old friends and classmates.

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2816 3rd St. NW
Birmingham, AL 35215

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Carroll G.Duncan -Attended 1951
Little Rock, Ark
Posted 12/19/02

Hello Class of 50 &51,

I finished the 11th grade at Central in Jackson and rode over to Clarke with some buddies Johnny McKay, Doc Gandy, Billy Johnson & Lee Hudson. They were signing up for College, but since I had not finished High School I waited in the Dean's office. President Greene walked through and asked why I wasn't signing up. He asked me to come into his office and talked to me for about 20 minutes and convinced me that I should come back the next weekend and take the college entrance exam. After passing the test, I was enrolled in Secondary for the first half of the year and the second half as a Freshman making better grades than when in High School.

I roomed with Frank Lowe during Secondary and helped him with his wheel chair and other needs. My only picture in the 1951 Seer Album, fifth page of random pictures after College Store page in the upper right. Don Wainwright, Becky Myers, Arlis Nichols, Lucille Packer, Elain Dunn, Tommy Copeland, Carl Meriwether, Sam Wolf,& Margaret Newton are a few that I remember well.

I went back to Central in Jackson and graduated in 1952, then enlisted in the US Air Force, retiring as a Lt. Col. after 20 years flying and related service. I have flown as Nav/Bomb from B-29's to B-58's. I worked for Dillards for 10 years and Real Estate for 10 years. Now fully retired and have lived in North Little Rock, AR for the past 38 years.

I would love to hear from any one, thanks.

Carroll G.Duncan

Email: cgdb4758@aristotle.net

Arlis V. Nichols- Class of '51
Enterprise, MS 
Posted 4/3/01

Greetings, Clarke Alumni:
After searching out the Clarke Web Page, I realize I am the "old man" of the Alumni Association. The Apostle Paul was on the faculty my first semester and Mississippi was a territory. Ha! I retired from the pastorate in 1996 and have had a very full-time banquet ministry of G-rated humor since that time. The "G" stands for God's people. Thank God for the unique place in His kingdom that Clarke "Memorial" College filled in its time. Come on, Alumni, let's keep her alive by joining and being active in the alumni association.

I would love to get alumni emails here at the Nichols house in Enterprise, MS.
God Bless.
Arlis Nichols, Class of '51

Email: ArlisWeb@aol.com
HomePage: www.arlisnichols.com


Bill & Naomi (Stewart) Cockerham Class of '52
Oakwood, Ga
Posted 2/3/03

What a wonderful time we had at the CMC reunion at MC in Oct. Thanks to all who set it up. So many friends who were not there, would love to hear from them or of them. Especially Charlesie Austin, Jane (Jackson) & (B L.) Straw Simmons and others in that time frame. Bless each of you. Naomi Cockerham

 Email: bcocke@gte.net 


Jodie E."Buck" Jackson Class of '52
Moberly, MO
Posted 2/3/03

I hardly know what to write! Thanks to "Squire", I have caught up with some of you. I have been in MO almost 43 years. Came out of retirement a year ago to resume prison chaplaincy. Would love to hear from anybody! Many, many fond and happy memories of Clarke days. I thank God for them and for those who filled the days with happiness. God bless you! Jodie aka Buck Jackson.

1736 Eastbrook Circle, Moberly, MO 65270

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Update 1/13/04

My 17 yr. old step-grandson Jared Perry is recovering from stem cell transplant at Ronald McDonald House/St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, Memphis. He has had 5 brain surgeries, chemo, radiation, etc. and will miss this year in high school.

His mother Beth is with him; she will have her 45th birthday Sunday the 18th; she had to miss her father's funeral a couple

of weeks ago. Also, my grandson ZekeAssel, a U. S. Marine who married Nov. 15 in KCKS, has been reclassified to intelligence specialty in Arabic language has been transferred to CA, next stop Iraq.As Tiny Tim says, God bless us all. Thank you.

1736 Eastbrook Circle, Moberly, MO 65270

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Alden Presley- Class of '52
Jonesboro, Arkansas
Posted 11/5/10

Friends, Just "stumbled" upon the Alumni site. I live in Jonesboro, AR. Have retired from teaching at AR State Univ. Did not know Clarke ever had reunions and would love to go to one. If another is in the future, will someone please let me know? Maybe "Buck" Jackson, or that "precious" sister Sue of his could let me hear.

My wife is from York, Ala. The 1st President of Clark was her relative. We used to go to Meridan often. Jesus, Clarke & Ferne Culpepper are the best of my life.

Let me hear.

Alden (Al) Presley

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Riley Triplett - Attended '51-'52
Mashulaville, MS
Posted 5/1/00

Always good to hear news from CMC and it's alumni.

Riley Triplett

2132 Cherry Street
Vicksburg, MS 39180

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Don and Valerie ( Henderson) Wainwright Class of '52 and Class of '53
Mobile, Alabama 
Posted 7/20/04

As I (Don) was in a nostalgic mood recently, I allowed my mind to retrogress to the years 1950-1952, and floods of emotion filled my mind and heart. First and foremost, I lifted up praises to God for what Clarke meant to me personally. I had recently been discharged from the U.S. Army, after having served three years in the Occupation Forces in Japan, and God had called me, a person with only a seventh grade education, to preach. My pastor at that time was Ray Megginson, a graduate of Clarke College, and he told me about the Secondary Department at Clarke. I began my educational experience at Clarke in September of 1950, and in eighteen weeks, I had received my GED. The Lord richly blessed me in my studies, and I graduated from Clarke in 1952. I then went on to Mississippi College, graduating in 1955 from that institution, and I was graduated from the New Orleans Seminary in 1958. I have had the privilege of serving some great churches in my ministry, and God has abundantly blessed me through my 54 years as a

Baptist preacher. All of this would not have been possible had it not been for the foundation I received at Clarke College. I praise the Lord, and I will thank Him always for leading me to Clarke. But the greatest and most extraordinary blessing I received from God during my Clarke days was when Ann Valerie Henderson came into my life. Besides Jesus, she is the love of my life. Valerie and I celebrated 51 years of marriage in June. The Lord has blessed us with two wonderful children,

Donna Ann, who graduated from Clarke and Mississippi College, and David, who graduated from William Jewell College in Liberty, Missouri. We have four wonderful and talented grandchildren, of whom we are very proud. I have now been retired for eight years, and I am enjoying serving churches as Interim Pastor. God is so good, and His blessings upon us are undeserved, innumerable, and indescribable!


Email: dvwainwright@comcast.net

Update Report on "Ivan The Terrible"

Dear Friends:

Several have called to inquire about how we weathered "Ivan the Terrible", so I thought it would be fitting to share a few thoughts from our house. First of all, we are praising God today that no one in our family suffered personal injury. I have four brothers and a sister living in Mobile, and none of them had significant damage. I suppose our home was more badly damaged than any in my family. A tree fell across the roof of our house; Trees fell in our back yard and destroyed our fence;

Other trees are down in our yard, and our place looks like a battle zone.

We do not think there was any structural damage done, and it does not appear that we have any major damage. All in all, we are blessed, for which we genuinely thank the Lord! Our section of the subdivision in which we live seemed to bear the most damage. A huge tree fell on the house behind us, and it caused considerable damage... in the thousands of dollars. In the county to the east of us where many of my relatives live, Baldwin County, severe devastation was experienced. And just across the state line, in Pensacola, tremendous loss of life and total loss of hundreds of homes occurred. The storm decided at the last minute to veer slightly to the East, and Mobile, Alabama escaped what might have been the worst storm in modern history.

Thanks for your prayers and concern.

Don and Valerie Wainwright


Ouida White Williams -Class of '52
Carthage, MS
Posted 5/5/08

I attended the recent CMC Alumni Meeting at First Baptist Church, Newton. I cannot tell you what a great job Dr. McPhail did, along with Tommy Copeland, The Thurmonds, Herman May, and George Dukes. It was refreshing to see and hear about the accomplishments some of the alumni have achieved. I wish more of you could have been there.Mailing Address: Ouida W. Williams

1332 Arbor Court
Carthage, MS 39051

Phone:(H): 601-267-3175

Email: ouidawilliams@hotmail.com


Rebecca (Becky) Myers Lott Attended in the 50's
Madison, MS 
Posted 4/ 29/ 00 

Would love to read update messages on alumni who attended Clarke in the fifties.

305 Cox Crossing
Madison MS 39110-9035

Telephone 601-605-4973

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Betty Jo Flowers Weatherly Class of '53
St.Elmo, Alabama
Posted 1/26/04

Would love to hear from anyone who attended Clarke during those years. Wonderful memories.

Mailing Address: 

P.O.Box 315
St.Elmo, Alabama 36568

Email: RATISJAWS@aol.com