Patsy Fulton Wagner - Class of '72
Troy, ID
Posted 12/24/06

Hello Everyone,

It has been a long time. I truly enjoyed my friendships at Clarke College, and they helped me in so many ways. Times have changed for me.

My family and I moved across the states to Idaho. I am happy here in Idaho. It has become home to me. Hope to hear from some of you.

Patsy Fulton Wagner

Mailing Address:

Patsy Wagner
1890 Little Bear Rigde Road
Troy, ID 83871



Cathy Collins Watkins- Class of '72
Hattiesburg, Mississippi
Posted 5/2/06

Hi everyone,

Just a short note to update you on God's goodness. My house in Flowood sold in March. It was only on the market about 3 weeks...and I got my asking price. Was able to finally pay off all of the debt left following Gill's illness and death so that I am now debt free except for the house note Vicki and I have. It is a wonderful feeling to be able to give to someone else when I want to and help meet needs for others when they arise. GOD IS SO GOOD and continues to amaze me.

Sorry I missed the reunion.I know there were many of you there that I would have loved seeing. Maybe next year.

God bless. Address and phone are still the same as the December posting. Please let me hear from you.

Mailing Address:

Cathy Watkins
P O Box 17683
Hattiesburg, MS 39404


PHONE(H): 601-261-9883

PHONE(W): 601-264-0150

PHONE(cell): 601-918-2346

Cathy Collins Watkins


Ginger Brady Way- Class of '72
Posted 3/4/09

Message: Hello Clarke College family, just wanted to join in and say hello to all who had such a wonderful time at Clarke College. It was such a great place to grow up and I miss it every time I ride by the campus. I am currently living in Decatur and I teach at the vocational center in Newton. I am still attending Calvary Baptist Church and right now teaching the Adult Womens Sunday School Class. I have two children, three grandchildren and another one on his way. Jake (my son) and his wife live in Meridian and they have three children. My daughter Nikki and her husband live in Madisonville, LA and their first is due in July. My husband Joe is an independent contractor and works offshore out of LA. My dad (Albert Brady) died in 2001 with heart disease and my mom is still with us. In fact she was 80 in February. Just wanted to give an update. Great reading all about everyone else.

Mailing Address:

Ginger Brady Way
1873 Muley Road
Decatur, MS 39327


PHONE(H): 601-447-1032


Linda Smith Chisolm Chance- Class of ‘73
New Hebron, Ms.
Posted 3/9/02

So much has happened since our days at Clarke. Happy times, sad times. Sammy Chisolm and I were married June, 1973. We have a beautiful daughter, Staci, age 27. Sam and I had been married almost 22 yrs. when God called him Home, May, 1995. (Those of you who knew Sam knows he was one very special person.) In January of 1995 our precious grandson went to be with the Lord. He was 17 hours old. I guess God needed Sam there to help take care of little Timothy. Since then God has given me another wonderful husband, Dwight Chance. We were married Nov., 1997. Since then I have retired from work. I was working as an RN at Providence Hospital in Mobile, Al. Dwight has worked for Phillips Petroleum for the last 22 years and hopes to retire soon. My friend Jimmy Knight has been trying to get me caught up on some of you folks that he has seen. It brings back so many WONDERFUL memories. God willing, I plan to be at the reunion this year (2002).

I hope to see all of you there.




Marcia Jarrell Bassett - Class of '73
Forest, MS
Posted 6/11/00

Marcia Jarrell Bassett -Class of 1973 Union, Ms. I attended Clarke College from 1971-1973. I received a
Bachelor degree in Elementary Education. I went on and got a Masters Degree from Mississippi State. I
have taught 1st grade for 25 years at Sebastopol Elementary School. I am married and have 1 daughter,
who is 13 now.


Family Photo


Vickie Steen Bell - Class of '73
Marietta, GA
Posted 4/25/01

I felt that I had traveled back in time when I found this web page. It was so good to see where old friendships have gone. I was fortunate not only to have attended Clarke College, but I also worked for Dean Vaughn several months before I changed jobs and started working for the Federal Government. I married in June 1974 and we have 26-year old twin daughters and a 16 year old son. We are grandparents to 2 year old MacKenzie and look forward to Grandbaby #2 in December.

My life was truly blessed the year that I attended Clarke. Rick Henson, who graduated in 1973, is now the pastor at my sister's church in Brandon, MS. It has been nice catching up through him.



Charles and Nita (Richardson) Boudreaux-Class of '73
Brandon, Ms 39042
Posted 9/29/01

Until Charles and Nita can post their own message. They have three children, Timothy (10), Aaron(13), and Christy(19). Charles works in a counseling ministry at FBC, Jackson, MS, while Nita works in the Pediatric Infectious Diseases at the University of MS Medical Center, also in Jackson. You may contact them by snail mail.

Email: none given at this time

Mailing address: 

301 Remington Drive
Brandon, MS 39042


Pam Crawford Cantrell – Class of ‘73
Forks, WA 98331
Posted 2/16/11

Just in the past year I discovered communication btwn Clarke Alumnis. I guess that's what happens when you move to the far end of the country!

After Clarke, I graduated from MS College & then NOBTS with a MRE. There I met my husband, Bill, & we married in '77. He pastored in Grand Chenier, Ragley & Gueydan, LA near Lake Charles. Our next pastorate led us to Forks, WA. Pastoring has had many challenges, yet God is faithful. I could share many stories of God's provision. We have remained in Forks for the last 18yrs. even without a pastorate for 12yrs. We have 4 grown children & 3 grandchildren.

Recently God called us to rejoin the church where Bill pastored here & make ourselves available to help wherever God leads. The current pastor has a heart for God & has been a friend since the day God moved him to Forks. Restoration...God at work.

I am beginning my 15th yr. as Director of The Caring Place Pregnancy Resource Center. Pray for WA state as the battle continues to rage to shutdown pregnancy centers by Planned Parenthood & other pro-abortion entities. We are trusting God's grace & love to shine through as the opportunities to take a stand become more crucial. ---Grace & peace to you all

Mailing Address: Pam Cantrell
PO Box 54
Forks, WA 98331


Phone:(H) 360-374-3329

Phone:(C) 360-477-9140

Pam Crawford Cantrell


NOTE to Bryan and Mary Burt

Michael Carroll - Class of '73
Chiapas, Mexico
Posted 9/15/14

UPDATE: Sept 5, 2014
Our Brother in the Lord, Michael Carroll passed on to glory on this day. May his family be comforted that in Christ we will see him again.

This message is for Bryan and Mary Burt. Since I live beyond the U.S., I have been unable to get this to them. if any of you guys are in touch with Bryan, please send him this: Bryan, this is Mike Carroll. When I found out about your son, I tried to contact you, but that can be difficult from Latin America. I wanted you and Mary to know that you are in my prayers and the prayers of a lot of the christian family here. The years pass, but certain things never change. We were and still are the Clarke family and we are there for each other. My prayer is that God will continue to hold you in His arms and care for you every day. Some things go beyond words. Take care. Mike

Mailing Address: 4213 Main Street, McAllen, Texas


Michael Carroll - Class of '73
Chiapas, Mexico
Posted 2/14/09

Hi Fellow Clarkies, this is exam week for me in beautiful downtown south Mexico. the weather is glorious today. i am completing my seventh semester as a university English professor. God has been a good to me here. Last week I took my engineering students around campus and we sang Christmas carols. Everyone loved it. since Coca Cola is using Elvis Presley's song "I Can't Help Falling in Love With You" we sang that, too. There are very few Christmas carols here, so this was something different. Since I am the resident American, I'm asked a lot of questions about the U.S. If you can find the state of Chiapas on a map, you can see that It is a long way from an English-speaking area. I basically only speak English at work. i also usually read the Bible in Spanish. I've learned to minister a lot through music. I taught my crew "Amazing Grace" the other day. My kids heard it on Sarah Brightman's Christmas cd and wanted to learn it. They were great! This is Guadalupe Week. M!

any people are coming into the city for December 12th which is the Day of our lady of Guadalupe, the patron saint of Mexico. Many Native Americans come from villages in the mountains to go to mass at the cathedral of a Guadalupe on Friday. This is a good opportunity to witness here. There are no official missionaries here from the International Mission Board, which I don't really understand since my city has over a million people. The people here have been wonderful to me. I am Profe Michael to basically everyone. When I read about everyone on this site, I realize how many years have passed since our days at Clarke. I think it has become a place in the heart for all of us. After almost seven years here, I admit that I do miss some things about Mississippi. The Mexican version of cornbread is a tortilla. There is no buttermilk. I have to go to KFC for biscuits. Football is known as soccer here. But God has given me so much more. He has given me a life. I hope that all of you !

Have a Merry Christmas and a great new year. Take care, Michael

Mailing Address: 1423 33rd Street, McAllen, Texas



David Allen Dees – Class of  '73
Kosciusko, MS
Posted 4/30/01

How wonderful, how beautiful is our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! Kelly and I had a great time Friday night with all of you! The fellowship was indeed wonderful. To see what God can do through yielded servants! Wow! He is truly to be praised! Kelly and I have been back in America since 1994, after serving in the Philippines as tribal missionaries for 14 years beyond civilization. We have 5 children and 2 grand children. Neet huh! I am so glad that many of you have put your entries on the site. Yes, Darby, he has had to break many of us and only when we are broken are we usable. All we have to offer is what he has given to us, JESUS! Love you guys! Jesus is life. He is either everything or nothing! He is more than enough!

Mailing Address:
Pastor Allen Dees
2096 Bethesda Rd.
Crawford, Ms. 39743

(Cell) 662-739-0423
(Home) 662-739-0423

Allen Dees