Darby Moore Gaynor Class of '73
Colorado Springs, CO
Posted 4/24/10

Wow! It is has been quite a year.  In June of 2009 I was diagnosed with Grave's Disease.  I could barely exist, my energy was gone, I couldn't walk around the block or climb a set of stairs without being winded.  God has worked a miracle, and I have fully recovered!  Though they say it can flare up at any time, I am convinced that God has healed me.  I found a site on Mother Earth.com that listed a Green Pharmacy.  It suggested Bugle Weed tea was used in Europe to treat Graves.  I brewed 1 tsp. per time and drank it 3 times a day for 2 months.  Then 2 times a day for a month, then once a day for 2 weeks and then every other day and then every 3 days and then I stopped.  My T3, T4, and TSH are all normal!  My energy is fully returned, my muscle and joint aches are gone.  My heart rate which had been 110 beats per minute constantly returned to a normal 67 beats per minute.  I did'nt take the medication normally recommended for overactive thyroid since it has terrible
side affects.

God has been good.  He worked a new attitude in my heart.  I accepted the possibility that my life was now defined by Graves and that He allowed it and wanted to work something out in me.  The day after I told Him I was good with it and thanked Him for what He was working out in my life, my symptoms began abating, my racing heart began to slow down, my aches became less, my energy became more. 

In all of that my attitude became focused on what God wants out of my life.  Nothing else really matters.  I know He loves me, and will provide exactly what I need, and more importantly He will use me as His vessel to accomplish His purposes on this earth. 

My joy in the Lord is restored!  I look forward to each day and my walk with Him and His people! I love you all. 

The band that I sing with has grown!  We now have 3 singers, a drummer, bass, accoustic, electric, keyboard.  Pray that God will use us to proclaim His love to the world.

Blessings and Joy!
Miss Darby : )

Mailing Address: Darby Gaynor
PO Box 60365
Colorado Springs, CO 80960

Phone:(H): same as cell phone
Phone:(W): 719 549-5908
Phone:(cell): 719 502-5745
Fax: 719 549-4849 (attn Darby)

Email: darby.co@gmail.com

Posted 1/15/08

Hello to all. It's been awhile. I appreciate your prayers. I’m still working for Bechtel in Pueblo, CO. but now living in Colorado Springs. Sometimes I struggle with loneliness and living alone. God has blessed me with a single male friend who includes me in most of his family activities, but since there is no commitment I find myself carrying this underlying sadness in my heart. I would appreciate your prayers. I have a feeling I'm not the only person on the planet with heart longings that are unfulfilled. I try to focus on all the positive things that God has blessed me with and to enjoy the blessings of each day rather than focus on what I don't have. In so many ways the good things my friend and I share are probably better than what a lot of married couples share. Yet I find myself longing for a committed relationship. Please pray for me that God's will be done in my life and my friend's and to grant me peace no matter what that might be. For me it is so hard to be alone. On a happier note God is blessing my life with music once again! : ) My friend and I are working on a music ministry 2 weekends a month at a little church here in Colorado Springs. I'm singing and learning to play the bass guitar! He's a one man band on the keyboard and guitar! Maybe we'll make it down to this years reunion. Please pray for us as we seek to put together a ministry of sharing and music that God will open opportunities to touch lives and encourage others and that God will provide means of support to pursue that full time! I have a new email and phone number.

Colorado Springs, CO 80960 my cell phone is 719 502-5745 I appreciate your prayers and encouragements. I humbly share the things I struggle with. I know I can count on my friends from Clarke to lift me up before our heavenly father!


Rick Henson Class of '73
Brandon, MS
Posted 7/5/04

Hi, to everyone. I am back in the wonderful state of Mississippi after serving for 27 years in Louisiana as pastor of several churches. I am married to Mindy Taylor of Houston Texas, this November 23, 2004 for 30 years. We have one daughter, Rachel, 24 who is in military intelligence and is preparing to go to Iraq with the 255th Military Intelligence Company in Jackson, Ms. Her company will leave this December for Kuwait and then Iraq.

Rachel is fluent in Russian and trained as an interrogator and analyst in the military. Mindy teaches 1st grade in low-income Jackson, MS. I am the senior pastor of Oakdale Baptist Church in Brandon. We are a growing church baptizing many for Christ, and involved in missions in Mexico, Romania, upstate New York, and locally. I have been at Oakdale almost 4 years now. I am also an adjunct professor at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary and teach occasionally on the graduate and undergraduate level. My twin brother, Ralph is serving as pastor of outreach and administration at the Church of the Way in Meridian, our hometown. Mom and Dad are fine and still working in Meridian

I have such fond memories of Clarke College and how God used it to help me grow up and to learn to trust Him completely. I hope to see many of you soon and may the Lord continue to bless you all. .

Mailing Address:

Rick & Mindy Henson
309 Patrick Farms Drive
Pearl, MS 39208

Email: rickhenson@aol.com

PHONE: 601-829-1360

FAX: 601-829-9482

WEBSITE: www.oakdalebaptist.com 


Jimmy Knight - Class of '73
Laurel, Mississippi
Posted 12/131/11

The Lord is good all the time.  Sometimes I don't understand what He is doing in my life, but I continue to trust HIM. In 2005 the doctors finally diagnosed a problem I had been having with my balance.  They tried 2 surgeries on my inner ears, but were not succesful at grafting bone on the holes in my inner ears.  I have been on disability since 2006, but the Lord still finds ways to use us. I can't do revival meetings and such anymore, but God continues to open doors.  Pray for my wife and I as we seek to be usable vessels. Thanks for the good memories.  Love you all,    Jimmy Knight

Mailing Address: Jimmy Knight
5 Melody Ln
Laurel, MS  39443

Email:: jkea_ms@yahoo.com

Phone (H):: 601 428-1366



Mary Smith Perkins Class of '73
Enterprise, Ms
Posted 4/20/09

Hi to all my wonderful friends and "Clarke" family. It has been quite a lone time since seeing many of you and it was so great to discover the website and to hear news from so many friends from Clarke. I taught math at Quitman Junior High for 25 years and then finally took a job at Enterprise. I taught high school math there until December 2007. I am married to Tommy Perkins who is baseball coach at Stringer High School. I have two step sons, Hank and Josh and three grandchildren. We live in Dekalb, Ms. during the summer and Enterprise during the school year. The distance for Tommy to travel to school is too far from Dekalb. Some of my fondest memories are from the years at Clarke College. Even though I have not seen most of you since graduating, you are still in my thoughts and prayers. I would love to hear from friends from Clarke!

Mailing Address:
Mary E. Perkins
5319 CR 371
Enterprise, Ms. 39330


5935 Hwy 493
Dekalb, Ms 39328

Email: perkinsdek@yahoo.com

Phone:(cell): 601-479-7824


Robert E. Smith, Jr. Class of '73
Michie, TN
Posted 8/22/04

I am presently Attendance Coordinator with the McNairy County Board of Education in Selmer, Tennessee. For the past three years, I have served as Chairman of the Southwest Attendance Supervisors Study Council for the Southwest Educational District in Tennessee. Having this position made me eligible to serve on the State of Tennessee Steering Committee for the State of Tennessee Attendance Study Council! I am now in my twenty-seventh year in education. 

We are now in attendance at Tate Baptist Church in Corinth, Mississippi. I am Adult Men's Sunday School Teacher and singer in the Adult Choir. 

My wife Wanda is employed as Administrative Assistant at Michie Elementary School.

She serves in two elected class officers position is Sunday School.

Our youngest daughter Monica Smith is employed with Malco Theater in Corinth, Mississippi and also attends Tate Baptist Church. She has surrendered to the youth ministry.

Our Oldest daughter Amanda Lee graduated summa cum laude from Union University May 22, 2004. 

For two years Amanda has been dating a missionary's son who attends Union

University--Ross Kyzar. His parents serve in Moscow Russia.

This past Christmas, Amanda was invited by Ross's parents to come for a visit to Russia. This opened the door for Amanda to get to know Ross's parents, as well to get an opportunity of a lifetime to see some great historical sites in Moscow; travel with Ross and his parents by train to historic Saint Peterburg Russia; and get to walk on water--the frozen Baltic Sea!!!

Amanda and Ross married May 30, 2004 at the Cornerstone Church in Jackson. WHAT A SUMMER IT'S BEEN!!! Ross and Amanda are making their home in Jackson, Tennessee, where they both have jobs and Ross will finish his senior year @ Union come May, 2005. 

I still think of Clarke College being the greatest College that's ever existed.

The Sweet Sweet Spirit that we felt at Clarke and the feeling of being a part of a big family who loves you was an awesome experience for me. Thank God for this Web-site and for the people who have made this site possible for us to stay connected as a family. Let me hear from you!!! God Bless

Email: rstulu@yahoo.com or smithr11@ten-nash.ten.k12.tn.us


Randy (Cajun) Stockfleth – Attended 1970 – 1973
Pascagoula, MS
Posted: 8/6/12

Message: None given

Mailing Address:
2608 Lynwood Street
Pascagoula, MS.

Email: 6t6Comet@Cableone.net

Phone(Cell): (228)623-0579


Edwina King Wills Class of '73
Soso, MS
Posted 7/21/08

Hello Dear Friends, I’ve been reading your messages since I found this web site and just wanted to let you know where I am and what I am doing. Benny Still and I were married for 26 years before we divorced. We had two terrific sons, Geoff and Eric. 

Geoff is daddy to Anna (13), Tori (7) and Jonathan (2). He is a deacon in his church and works for the state besides having a roofing company. His beautiful wife, Darla, works in

Communications sales. He's now been "discovered" and is singing solos in his church. 

Eric and his ex-wife Celeste have Olivia (6), who should be called "Princess". Eric is in the 56th Army Band at Ft. Lewis, Washington. He's had one tour of duty to Kuwait and two to Iraq. He's a fantastic musician and will probably end up being a record producer.

You can find his music on MySpace under his band's name, Crushing Daisies. Mel and I will soon celebrate our eighth anniversary. His is such a wonderful compassionate person who supports me in anything I wish to try. We are hoping to someday open a coffee shop and minister to college students. I love making custom jewelry, especially for weddings where I can work the wedding date into the piece. 

We love to go camping and took a two-week trip to go out west in 2006 to camp in Kansas, Colorado and Nebraska.  We've also camped in New England and Tennessee. Mel encourages me to continue writing songs and singing. I still love arranging hymns for piano or organ.

I am the ministry assistant at Lebanon Baptist Association in Hattiesburg, MS. Mel was transferred to Hattiesburg from Jackson in 2004 when he worked with Circuit City. In Jackson, I was one of the assistant managers at the LifeWay store there. I worked at Crossgates Christian bookstore in Hattiesburg for 2 1/2 years. I was pianist at Lakeland Presbyterian Church, Brandon, for almost five years.

 I took the job as pianist at 38th Avenue Baptist Church and was there until this past August. When we moved to Soso, I gave up that position so we could find a church home closer to our residence. I have now taken the interim pianist position at FBC, Glendale in Hattiesburg until God opens a door for us in Jones County. After many years as a Christian, Mel was baptized on July 13. They are not as evangelistic in Britain and do not emphasis believer's baptism the way we do here. I would love to hear from any of you. I'm a terrible letter-writer, but I will answer e-mail. Please put your name in the subject line, so I will know it's okay to open! Just another sister,

Wina Wills

Mailing Address:
Edwina Wills
PO Box 15545
Hattiesburg, MS  39404-5545
Email: coffee_lovers@hotmail.com

Phone:(W): 601-261-2771
Phone:(cell): 601-596-7444


Judy Karen Eason Whitlock - Class of '73
Waterloo, Illinois
Posted 3/10/06

We are still here in Waterloo and both of us work in St. Louis. We have a 2.5 year old grandson Logan and a new grandson, Issac. We are enjoying serving in First Baptist Church in Waterloo. We will be married 3 years in June.

Email: Judyrrt@htc.net Updated 1/23/07

Judy Karen Eason Whitlock Class of '73
St Waterloo, IL
Posted: 12/13/00


Hello Clarkies! I graduated in class of 1973. I heard about the website from Jimmy Knight. I live in Memphis and work as a Respiratory therapist at Methodist Central. its just me & my 2 dogs Trevor & Murphy. I attend Bellevue Baptist Church. all you 73 grads join the website and email me.

Judy Karen Eason



Update 8/17/03

Judy Karen Eason (Whitlock) and Ron Whitlock have recently married!

Mailing Address:

406 South Moore
St. Waterloo, Illinois 62298

Email: aces8068@wholenet.net


Randle & Susie Melton Varnado, Class of ‘73
Pineville, LA
Posted 4/10/12

Hey you guys.  Just wanted to give our apologies.  We will not be able to attend the annual meeting on the 27th. 

I'm sure you'll have a GREAT time, and we'll miss seeing all of you.  Please continue to keep us all in your prayers as we do for each of you!  I'm sure I'll be speaking for Susie and her mother (Vera Melton) when I say how much Clarke College meant to us, and more over, how much each of you have ment and continue to mean to us now.  Your Brother and Sister in Christ!  Randle and Susie Varnado and MS Vera Melton

Love and miss you all!

Mailing Address:
154 Cedar Point Dr
Pineville, LA  71360

Email: rsvarnado@bellsouth.net

Phone(H) 318-640-0329

Phone (Cell) 318-446-3826


Hey everyone!  I would love to see and talk to all of you.  Since daddy died, we can't find any of his sermons.  I was wondering if any of you might have
any?  If so, I would love to get a copy from you.

Randle, mother and I have been living in Pineville, LA for the past eight years.  We moved here to be close to our son and his family when I got sick.  They are in the process of moving to Amirillo, Texas, where he will be working with their local newspaper.

We would LOVE to hear from you. 
Love to all, Susie

Mrs. Vera Melton is living with Randle and Susie (See her message)

IMPORTANT: When emailing Mrs. Melton, Susie, or me, in the subject block, please let us know you in some way you
are from Clarke.  Randle gets so much junk mail he sometimes deletes things if they don't stick out

Mailing Address:

154 Cedar Point Dr.
Pineville, LA 71360


Phone:(H) 318-640-0329


Nancy Pilgrim Giles- Class '73
Collinsville, Mississippi
Posted 12/14/06

Hello. My name is Nancy Pilgrim Giles. I have just had my little book published and has arrived. The name of it is "Judah, the Christmas Donkey." This little book tells the Christmas story from the donkey's point of view. He is telling the story. It is on sale now. We are doing this for the Lord's work. My illustrator and I believe that little children need to STILL hear the word of God, during this Christmas season.

God Bless,

Nancy Pilgrim Giles

Mailing Address:
Nancy Pilgrim Giles
10161 Hwy 19 North
Collinsville, MS 39325-9787

Email: gilesne@netdoor.com

Phone:(H): 601-986-5236


Melinda Betts Howard - Class of '73
Carrollton, TX
Posted 7/8/08

Well, so many things have changed since I last wrote. First of all, I'm a "grandma" and love bragging about him. His name is Jacob Robert Lyons. Right now he lives with his mom, Jennifer, and dad, Jason, in Katy, TX. But they are in the process of moving to Denver, CO. They haven't been able to sell their house, so they are going to rent it to a friend of theirs from college. I don't get to see them as much as I would like to, but at least Southwest flies to Denver. I'll have to save my pennies.

Benjamin lives in Irving, TX and works for CitiGroup in their mortgage division for customer service. He hasn't found Miss Right yet, so he has settled for a stray Yellow Lab he named Marcy. We get to see them about once a month.

Rebecca graduated Cum Laude from Stephen F. Austin University this spring. We are so proud of her. Before she even graduated, she had a teaching position in Leander ISD. This is a suburb of Austin, TX. She will be teaching 6th grade Math. She is very excited in anticipation. She had an interview with personnel one day, with the principal the next day, and an offer of a job the next day. It's really amazing how God works in our lives.

I had written before about my husband having to take Long Term Disability. I'm sorry to say that he is still on disability. He's still in quite a bit of pain every day due to the diseases he has.

Now, a bit about me. I had been teaching 4th grade for 15 years when I was stricken with a type of neuropathy that there is no known cause or cure. It is like having push-pins stabbing my feet 24/7. It took a toll on me physically but also mentally. I became very depressed-not forgetting God was with me at all times, but I just couldn't deal with the pain. I had to take Long Term Disability about 4 years ago.

 I haven't been able to do many things, including cooking and cleaning. I miss the cooking a little bit, but not the cleaning. At first, I missed the teaching, but now I don't miss that at all. I think that was one thing that contributed to the depression. There was so much tension with teaching. I really don't know how those who do it for 40-50 years. I admire them.

In January, I had a surgery to help the pain in my feet. It has helped to a certain point. I still have a lot of pain, but it helped me curtail a lot of my medication. I still have to take a lot of meds-enough to keep me on disability, but not enough to keep me dazed all of the time.

Through all of this I can truly say, "God is so good, He's so good to me.

Mailing Address:

Melinda Howard
1837 Hood Street

Carrollton, TX  75006-6066

Email: melinda.howard@mac.com


James L. Parker Class of '73
Bremen, AL
Posted 2/28/09

Hey Clarke family: I must confess it has been a while since I last visited this website, and when I did I discovered that I need to update. My last post was in August of '06 when I was requesting prayer for my Dad. He passed away in January '07 at 90 years of age. My Mom is still living in her own home and doing pretty well at 87. She still drives some. I hope to be able to come to the reunion this year and see all y'all. My ministry now is that of an itinerant preacher and Sunday School Consultant for the great Ryans Creek Baptist Church in Bremen, Alabama. We are building a new 640 seat worship center which will be finished in August '09. If you come through Cullman County, Alabama look me up. In the Sweet Name of Jesus,

James Parker

Mailing Address:

James Parker 60 Co. Rd. 99
Bremen, AL 35033

Email: jparker1946@att.net