Belinda Collins Simpson - Class of '73
Clarksdale, MS
Posted 5/22/00

I attended Clarke in 1971-1973. I married Steve and we have two sons, Mark (18) and Matt(16). I have been a school teacher for 23 years. I began teaching music, but now I teach Algebra II and other high school math subjects. I am the head of the math department at Clarksdale High School.

I am pianist of the Riverside Baptist Church who helps to sponsor Stan Nowell in his ministry. Mark will be attending MS College to become a minister of music. Matt will be going to Honduras this summer with the Dental Mission. I played for a quartet while at Clarke and am doing so now for the "Majesty Quartet" of Clarksdale, MS. I too was blessed by the wonderful testimony of Clarke College. It helped me to grow up emotionally as well as spiritually. I thank God for all my wonderful friends I met at Clarke.



James and Dianne Smith - Class of '73
Magee, MS
Posted 8/18/04

Since we posted our initial message, a lot of things have changed. Our son, Jay, got married in June, 2002 and our daughter, Melanie, got married in May, 2003. We have one grandson, born 04-09-04. James David, JR. He is so precious. Also, after living in Pelahatchie, MS for 18 years, God moved us to Magee, MS. James got a promotion and is presently Sr. Vice President of Trustmark Bank. I continue to work in Pearl but hopefully not forever. James has just resigned his church in Rankin County and we will soon be looking for a new church home.

Mailing Address:

106 Lakeview Drive NW
Magee, MS  39111


Phone: 601-849-2815


David Anderson - Class of '74
Baton Rouge, LA
Posted 4/19/01

I want to say hello to everyone who I went to Clarke with. It has been a very long time since we were there, and it is great to hear from everybody. My wife Kay and I have been married for 22 years, and we have a daughter 20, and a son 18. I am employed at the Baton Rouge Water Works Company, construction engineering department. I still paint portraits and landscapes, and show and sell them in local art galleries. God has been so very good to me over the years, and with every new day-the better it gets.

Email: None given as yet


Jim Arndt Class of '74
Hillsboro, Oregon
Posted: 5/20/03

Just revisiting this site. Looks great, lots of great additions. Thanks. Please feel free anyone to contact me at Email :



Jim Arndt


Jeanette Camp Bates - Class of '74
Mobile, Alabama

As of October 2008, the Lord has blessed us with another year of good health and blessings. I still keep Sonny working 3 days a week in the lab at the Chevron refinery in Pascagoula. He packages hazardous materials. I teach in Grand Bay at Breitling Elementary School and am back in the classroom teaching 5th graders after being a Writing teacher for 9 years. What a shock... 

Our oldest daughter, Adrian, is the Communication Specialist at the University of Mobile and attends Dauphin Way Baptist Church. She is in love with Daniel Taylor, Senior Accountant at Mobile Infirmary. We're hoping he will get down on that "one knee" soon. 

Rebecca, our middle child, is a graduate of the University of Alabama and also an employee of the same. She is engaged to God's man for her--Jay Taylor of Demopolis, Ala. They will be married on May 16, 2008, and we are enjoying planning that event. 

Our son Wes and his wife Rebekah will move to Texas in January, where he will begin seminary at Southwestern. He graduated from the University of Mobile last May and has been Youth pastor of a Baptist church in Bay Minette for over 2 years.

My Mother, Mrs. L.G.Camp, Jr. still lives in Grand Bay, and works at our church as a part-time secretary. She is also a former student at Clarke. It is great to catch up on everyone at this website. God Bless you all. Ps. 143


PHONE(H): 251-633-7436

PHONE(W): 251-865-0900

PHONE(cell): 251-401-2891

Jeanette Bates


Ben Birdsong – Attended '73-'74
Springfield, MO
Posted 3/16/01
Passed to Glory July 19, 2010

Hello Clarke College friends. What a wonderful surprise when I answered the phone this evening and it was Ginny Neal. Thank you Ginny for the wonderful job you are doing on this page. It has been great to read all the post. I'd love to hear from all my Clarke friends.

I only attended Clarke College for one year, '73-'74. While there a contemporary Christian music group name Maranatha came and played. I talked my way into going with some of the guys to Hattiesburg to meet the group that next week. On that trip I meet the beautiful blond keyboard player, Kathleen McMahan. The next year I transferred to William Carey College to be closer to her and we got married my junior year. We are still in love and have been married for 25 years. We have two children, Faith is 23 and Frankie is 15.

While I was attending WCC I pastored the Ovett Baptist Church in Ovett, MS. We left there and moved to McComb to serve as music pastor and attend seminary in New Orleans. Little did we know the plans God had for us. The church I was serving had the license for a radio station. As I prayed for that ministry, God began to give me a vision. Then the church split, we moved in with my parents back in Meridian, and I never attended seminary. However, I got a job working for a Gospel station.

Now, 20 years later I have worked at Christian stations in Meridian, Mississippi; Rockford, IL; Akron, OH; Greenville, SC; and I am now station manager of The Wind FM in Springfield, MO. The station streams to the internet via Real Audio. I am on the air from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. M - F. Give a listen sometime. The web address is . I also have a personal web page where I display some of my novelty radio collection and some Christian resources. It's . You can email me from either page.

I would really love to hear from all who remember me. I would especially like to hear from my room mates Thomas Peoples and Randy Whitlock. I won't be able to attend the reunion but please feel free to pass a big hug and hello to anyone that remembers me.


Ben & Kathleen Birdsong
1917 E. Cardinal
Springfield, MO 65804

Work number 417-889-0883

Ben Birdsong


Tom / Tommy Broadway- Attended 73-74
Montgomery, AL 36109
Posted 2/20/16

I'm still friends with Paul Roney. Also friends with his brother Rick and his wife that live near us in Montgomery AL. They use to go to church with us. They are good people. Even thou I didn't live on campus ( Montrose, Ms. ) about 15 miles south on hwy 15. I enjoyed the people and the time I spent there. Was also good friends with Rebecca Boggan, not sure what happened to her ???? This was class 73 - 75. Would like to hear from anyone and if any info to share.

Note : I never check email, facebook is best.

Mailing Address:
509 Carol Villa Dr
Montgomery, AL.36109

Phone(H): 334 - 279 - 7113



David & Deborah Gardner Carr- Class of '74
Newton, MS
Posted 7/20/04

Some of you have heard, but I wanted to let you know that my husband David Carr had a mild heart attack about 10 days ago. He immediately realized what it was, and I took him to the hospital. They began monitoring him with EKG, X-rays, blood work, etc. They did a caterization on him Sunday morning, July 11. One artery was 100% blocked and 2 others were 40% blocked. They inserted a stent; he came home Wednesday of last week. He is doing really great. He tires easily, but he says he feels much better. 

We have been amazed at how God has sent others to minister to us. In reflection, we can see God's hand at work all the way. The heart doctor who happened to be on call is a wonderful Christian. He asks every patient about his relationship with God, and he prays before beginning any procedure or operation. He was just wonderful.

David is gradually working some each day; of course, he has to eat better and get more exercise. But we are so thankful God spared him and is healing his body. 

Thank you to all who have contacted us since this happened. Please pray for us as we face these days of "getting well." We love you.


Mailing Address:

105 Doolittle Street
Newton, MS 39345



Faye (Parkin) Casanova -Class of '74
Sumrall, MS
Posted 5/28/05

Hi! I have enjoyed viewing the photos and recalling memories of Clarke! I am teaching 2nd grade at Sumrall Elementary School, and have only 2 more years before retirement. I am asking for prayer about my voice. I have had problems since last October. I had to use a microphone to finish out the school year. I am seeing a voice expert, but it is a very slow process. Thank you for all the love and memories!

Mailing Address:

184 N. Mill Creek Rd.
Sumrall, MS  39482



Reese Craddock- Class of '74
Louisiana State University
Posted 4/17/01

WOW! This is really the best! Reading all of your messages is like going back in time. It’s really great seeing that everyone has moved forward and is doing great. It is so hard to realize that we were at Clarke nearly 30 years ago. I just don't know who put us on "fast-forward". Anyway, I work at Louisiana State University in a program for low-income adolescents who are at-risk for dropping out of high school. I have been working with problem-ed youth since 1981. I will not be able to attend the reunion, as I am helping to start a Christian school (K-12) and April 28 is a volunteer work day, and I need to be there for it - but, I will be thinking about you all together, remembering the way it was-and how it is now, and things like that. I hope you all have a lot of fun, and maybe we can plan another reunion for someday soon.