Judy Moore Leichliter- Class of '74
Kenai, Alaska
Posted 4/3/01

It was so exciting to come home this evening and find a message from Moses Clark about this website! It was so much fun to read about everyone! I don't think anything more exciting than this will happen this year!! Just reading the messages filled me with that "Sweet, Sweet, Spirit" that we so often sang about at Clarke!

I probably won't make the reunion in April but feel I have already had one by reading about everyone!!! I'm sure I would probably be the youngest looking one at our class reunion anyway, so just take my word for that!!! (NOT!!)

I continue to teach school (24 years now) in this beautiful state! I went back to USM about 7 years ago and obtained my Masters in Ed. Admin. and when my principal is gone, I sub for him. I could have retired 4 years ago but believe I will wait until my two kids (ages 18 and 16) get through college! My kids have been my joy as I have been a single parent for the last 16 years. I still live in a beautiful log home on a lake and if anyone I know or have ever known from Clarke, is ever up this way, please feel free to look me up and I'll put you up in my loft guestroom! We still have the most incredible salmon fishing in the world up here and the most gorgeous scenery!!

Thank-you so much for making this web page possible!

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Email: jleich@ptialaska.net


Johnny Lollar- Class of '74
Whitehouse, Texas
Posted 2/10/09

I had not realized how long it had been since I last posted an update to the web-site until Ginny reminded me. Anyway, my one and only son, Drew is now in Los Angeles in the American Musical and Dramatics Academy, an acting conservatory. And yes he does see TV stars and actors because he is right smack dab in the middle of Hollywood. And yes it is a different world than any place that I have been.

Anyway it is always good to see so many messages from our alumni. I appreciated all of you during my time as your VP of Alumni. And Ginny thanks for all that you do for this web-site. Drop me a note sometime at jclollar@aol.com

Mailing Address:

17450 Autumn Trail
Whitehouse, TX 75791

Email: jclollar@aol.com

Phone:(H): 903-839-5096

Johnny Lollar


Nancy (Holmes) McArthur Class of '74
Decatur, Alabama
Posted 4/4/05

Hi Everyone,

Clarke College holds a lot of fond memories for me. It was there I met David, the love of my life. I read the site occasionally, so I thought I might give you an update of my life. As some of you remember, David passed away in May of 1989. Although that was the most devastating thing to ever happen in my life, God's Word proves to be true and He has been faithful and good to me. Our girls are finally grown. Amy, 26, is married to a wonderful Christian man and has blessed me with two beautiful grandchildren. Dana, 24, graduated from Birmingham Southern College in 2004 with a degree in Musical Theatre. She moved to New York for a year to audition for broadway. She landed a part in the Sound of Music, currently touring Japan, Korea, Malaysia, and Singapore. I sure have missed her, but will be home in May.

Mindi, 19, (still raising) hasn't decided yet what she would like to do. I love them all very much. As for me, I went back to school after 9-11 and graduated from nursing school. I work at at local hospital and I play the organ at my church. Thanks for the web-site, it's good to see how everyone is doing.

Mailing Address:
2705 Chapel Hill Rd SW
Decatur, AL 35603

Email: NHMPokey@aol.com


Kaye Parkin Moore – Class of '74
Brandon, MS
Posted 4/28/01

Hi! I'm Kaye Parkin Moore. Faye (my twin sister) has already posted my email address. I started to write my life history since Clarke, but decided to make it short! I am now living in Brandon, MS, near the reservoir. I married Danny 4 years ago. We have no children, just a cat named Lil Bit Moore. I am an employment counselor for the job service with MS Emp.Sec.Comm. Danny is with the State Forestry Commission and is on a national disaster team for fires. He is on call now to go wherever they might send him. When I first met Danny, he seemed like someone I could have met at Clarke College and had known for that long. Anyway, I wish we could make it to the reunion! I would love to hear from you! That sweet spirit from Clarke is really special!!! 

Love, Kaye

Email: dwdm@netscape.com 

Kaye Moore


Ginny Neal- Class of '74
North Carrollton, MS
Posted 6/10/13

Email: vinewebdesign@att.net
Site Webmaster

Just to give an overview of my journey so far: I graduated with a B.A. in Social Work from Mississippi College in 1976. I worked as a Parent Educator (social worker) with what is now Mississippi Children's Rehabilitation Hospital for a couple of years, then worked in an governor appointed position with GCEH for a couple of years as a District Coordinator in the Southern Region, living in Brookhaven, MS during this time. I took a job in the same agency but, in a different region near my hometown when I became engaged to marry in 1980, but I decided to break the engagement, (something I have never regretted). I worked in at what was then called Region VI Mental Health Center in Greenwood, MS. Not my favorite job but I did my best anyway.

I was later diagnosed with Post Polio Syndrome. I was 38. During the next 10 years because I was disabled to work, I was able to sing with several groups and solo at many different events. Something I truly enjoyed.

I became interested learning html coding and how to design a webpage from the ground up shortly after I got my first computer which was second hand from a friend of mine who did a little computer repair for people in the area. I was fascinted with the process.. For the next 5 years I created several pages just for fun, and all the while I was learning, reading, asking questions of others on web design chat rooms.

A long story short-- I registered my business in 2005, and have slowly but surely grown. With some set backs due to illness, but slowly building up again. I asked the Lord to be my agent because he had given me the ability to understand how to do it, but I was not very good at promoting my business. He has continued to answer that prayer and I have depended on Him for business.

My life did not begin and end at Clarke. Far from it. The real adventure still continues,though perhaps not in the way some define adventure. I have .so very much to be thankful for. Good friends and family, and our Good Lord.

I never understood how Amazing God's Grace is until I knew how desperately I needed Grace and how much I need His Amazing Grace every single day of my life. It is a wonderful need, because He so graciously fills that need. I know without a doubt that it is not my righteousness but His righteousness imputed to me. Christ in me the Hope (confident assurance) of Glory. He is good.
Eph 1:3

Ginny Neal


Donald Pendergrast - Class of '74
Ridgeland, MS
Posted 2/9/09

It is great to check the Clarke College web site and catch up on all of my former classmates and friends from our days at Clarke College. Those two years were wonderful and all of the experiences that I gained while attending Clarke will always be cherished. The fond memories live on and would love to see you at the Clarke College Reunion in April. Hope all of you will be able to make it. If you are ever in the Jackson, MS area, give me a call.

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305 Peach Orchard Drive
Ridgeland, MS 39157

Email: dpendergrast@mpsa.org

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Phone:(W): 601-932-2007

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Fax: 601-932-8265

Donald Pendergrast


Ron Presley - Class of '74
Newhebron, MS
Posted: 10/28/10

I'd like to hear from my classmates.
Mailing Address:

PO Box 372
Newhebron,Ms 39140

Email: sunrise32@windstream.net

Phone (H): 601-792-9388



Paul A. Roney - Class of '74
Hattiesburg, MS
Posted 6/13/02


It is so good to be able to read all that God is doing in the lives of Clarke folk. I am never amazed at how He is always faithful to bless those who serve Him.

I regret that my family and I have not been able to attend the reunions, but are looking forward to trying to be there next year. Though I did not graduate from Clarke, I certainly have many fond memories. Thank you Ginny for making it possible for us to rekindle friendships of the past, and to hear about what is happening in the lives of so many people, even ones that we do not know.

Please e-mail me, write me, or call me, even collect if need be, at any time. I would love to hear from you all.

P.S. Stan Nowell did you receive my reply to the e-mail you sent me? If not, I apologize. Try again.

Here again is my info: updated 9/30/10

Paul A. Roney
68 Sandy Run Road
Hattiesburg, MS 39402

(318) 623-0571 (Cell)

Phone (W): 601-268-6422
Phone (H): 601-606-0743

Email: mpr5@megagate.com

Paul Roney


Billy Russell – Class of '74
Hattiesburg, MS 39402
Posted 4/16/01

I have been a Public Education Officer with the Hattiesburg Fire Department for the past 18 1/2 years. I am married and have two children. My wife's name is Pati, I have a daughter Kandice who is 14, and a son Matthew who is 11.

I would like to hear from anyone that I went to Clarke with.

404 Mandalay Drive
Hattiesburg, MS 39402

Phone: 601-268-7509