Robin Thompson - Class of '74
Anniston, AL
Posted 6/6/05

Thanks to Randy Rogers for calling me on a Saturday Night. I have been out of touch for so long with Clarke College. The phone call brought back some fond memories. 

Over the years I had driven through Newton and wondered how things were. 

Few notes to fill in everyone about me.

After finishing at Clarke I went on to Mobile College and graduated in 1976 and then on to New Orleans and graduated in 1980. For the next thirteen years I lived in the Baton Rouge area serving in several churches and worked in Mobile Home Sales and a Large Hardware Store Business. From 1990 to 1993 I was at Dulac, Louisiana directing the Methodist Community Center when Hurricane Andrew visited. We served over 10000 individuals after the Hurricane and either built or restored about 200 homes. Following my second divorce in 1993/4, I moved back to my native Alabama to be nearer to my parents and grandparents. For the last eleven years I have been married to a wonderful wife, Marie. I have a Step who lives in Petersburg, VA whose wife is serving in Kuwait. We have one granddaughter in 4th grade. I have two daughters in high school and two step daughters living with their mother in Arizona. 

I have been employed for last 10 years with the Alabama Industries for the Blind, Talladega, AL (and yes, I have become a big race fan). I am the Program Coordinator of our Base Supply Center Program which operates BSCs on Military Bases, such as at Columbus AFB and NAS Meridian. 

Hope to hear from you and I promise to join the CCAA and keep in contact. 

Thanks again Roger for giving me a call.

Robin Thompson

Updated Contact information no new message - 7/22/10

Mailing Address:

185 Victoria Place
Oxford, AL 36203



Phone:(H): 256-831-7718

Phone:(cell): 256-283-0351-best way to reach


Rick Tillotson - Class of '74
Vicksburg, MS
Posted 11/01/08

Hello and Happy Thanksgiving to all who attended Clarke or wish they had,

On Thanksgiving Day several years ago I began what for me has become a tradition. I sat down and wrote a list of people, places, things, and events for which I am thankful. Of course, various Clarke memories filled the list. As I sat on my front porch swing this morning, sipping my coffee and watching the dogs play in the front yard, I began to reflect on recent events in my life, and once again I began my Thanksgiving List --- albeit only a mental list.

Topping my list this year is Coach Pepper, our baseball coach during the 1973-1974 school year. That was Coach's only year at Clarke, so most of you never met the man. However, he had a tremendous impact on my life, and I'm sure on the lives of most of my classmates --- and especially my teammates. Especially in the days and years following my graduation from Clarke, Coach Pepper became my friend in addition to being my former coach. Over the years, every now and then, my phone would ring early in the morning before I headed off to work (as an elementary school principal). It would be Coach Pepper calling to see how I was doing. Invariably he would end our brief conversation with, "Boy, you know I love you." And of course, that would give me the opportunity to tell him the same. I look back on those calls and I smile, and today I become sad, for as I write this message, Coach is spending what appears to be his last days on this earth at Hospice Ministries in Ridgeland!

. He is in the late stages of Alzheimer's and has been in a coma for a couple of weeks. I visited him, his wife Joan, and their son John Robert again yesterday. Before I left I was able to tell him again, "I love you, Coach." My heart breaks even as I type these words. I am so very thankful to have known George Robert "Coach" Pepper and to have been influenced by him. He made baseball and life more interesting and fun for me. Indeed, those of us who played for him could tell many stories that would keep you smiling and laughing for a while! It is Coach Robert Pepper --- his life, ministry, and memory --- who tops my list of Thanksgiving Memories 2008. Thank you Coach Pepper, and thank you Lord Jesus.

As an update on the circumstances of my life . . . While I'm writing this from the comfort of my home in Vicksburg, I am currently "living" in Starkville with my younger son Stephen, who is in his third year at Mississippi State. Stephen has muscular dystrophy, uses a power wheelchair for mobility, and requires assistance for most of his life functions. In addition to being his caregiver, I work part time for MSU in the school of education as a supervisor of student teachers. Coupled with my retirement income (I retired from the Vicksburg Warren School District), the salary from my part time job enables us to pay all of our bills and enjoy life. I thank God for providing a meaningful job and sufficient income! Of course, while our living arrangement "works," it means our family is split in half. My older son Neil lives here in Vicksburg with my wife Julie, who is a junior high school teacher. Julie travels to Starkville every other weekend to share life with Stephen and me. We are considering other options for second semester, including Julie taking long term sick leave in order to live with us in Starkville. We're confident the Lord will lead and provide, but I would appreciate your prayers for Stephen, Julie, Neil, and me.

Before I go, I want to say thank you, Ginny, for maintaining this website. I visit it almost daily. And thank you to all of you who have posted messages. I read them and smile, and I thank God for His wonderful blessing to me: Clarke College and her precious, Sweet Spirit. I hope each of you enjoys a pleasant Thanksgiving Day. May your list be long!

Rickie Tillotson

Mailing Address: Rick Tillotson
75 Virginia Ridge
Vicksburg, MS 39180


Phone(W): 601-634-5376

Phone(H): 601-638-5536

Rick Tillotson


Janie Waggoner- Class of '74
Meridian, MS
Posted 4/25/01

Hi, everyone! After Clarke, I attended Blue Mountain College and received my BS in Medical Technology in 1976. In 1988 I satisfied the requirements for certification as a Specialist in Blood Banking. I am Technical Director for United Blood Services and have lived in Meridian since 1978. It is such a thrill to have found the Clarke website (thanks David) and to learn where so many dear friends are. I have such special memories of my days at Clarke College!

Mailing Address:

116 CR 4821
Meridian, MS 39301



Donna Wainwright – Class of ‘74
Mobile, AL
Posted 5/2/10

It was a blessing for me to attend the reunion in April with both my parents.  They met at Clarke College and it holds a special place in our hearts.  I also enjoyed seeing classmates from the 70's on Friday evening.
Clarke College had a lasting impact on my life.  I'm thankful for the many friends I made while there. 
Thank-you, Ginny, for all that you do as webmaster to keep us in touch with each other.


Mike (White Owl) Walker - Class of '74
Quitman, MS
Posted 11/02/08

Please pray for the Robert Pepper family. Coach Pepper has gone to be with the Lord. As Ricky said, the last few days were very difficult for Joan and John Robert, as Coach had really been struggling to get every breath.

As I post this, the funeral arrangements are undecided.........

Coach Pepper was not only our "COACH", but a very dear friend (almost father) to all of the Clarke family.

Please pray and lift up Joan and John Robert during this difficult time.

Your friend in Christ,




Phyliss Benefield Whitlock - Class of '74
Memphis, Tenn.
Posted 1/18/06

Hey guys, I am trying to get in touch with Gloria Bishop and Lynda Grady. If anyone out there knows How I can reach them please post message. Thanks so much. Phyllis Whitlock

Posted 1/4/06

Hey guys, Randy and I would love to hear from you. We are now living in Memphis, Tn. Both of our girls live here. Our oldest, Allison has been married for 6 years. We have 2 grandchildren, 1 little girl, 4 and 1 little boy, 2 and another little girl due in Feb. Our youngest daughter, Joy is now 25 and has just recently signed with Ardent Records. She is doing Christian/Rock music, all original music. She just finished touring with Todd Agnew and has a cd coming out in the summer. We are very proud of her and Allison. Randy is dying to play in her band. If interested, go to her website at or and read her bio and listen to some of her music. We are interested in coming to the reunion this year if possible. Love to all you guys, Phyllis

Mailing Address:
3594 Charleswood Ave.
Memphis, Tn  38122

Phone: 901-481-5422



Andrea Boatwright Burch – Class of ‘75
Orlando, Florida
Posted 3/09/03

I learned of this web site through Sherry Sandifer Butler who called me tonight out of the clear blue sky after about 100 years! Anyhoo I want to find my friend from my brief time at Clarke -- NORMA JEAN RIVERA. If you have seen or heard from this wild Cuban please tell her to call me. I can be reached at (407)772-3342. Although my stay at Clarke was very brief (I never liked school, but I sure loved socializing) I do remember tons of stuff from that time. Now all these thousands of years later I am once again a college student and FINALLY I actually love the academics as well as the socialization. I want to hear from my friend Judy Martin too. I remember lots of faces and personalities but I'll have to find my annul to remember the names. I hope to keep reading on this site and "see" lots of old friends. I cannot honestly say that Clarke College made a great impact on my life but I do have some neat memories of friends made there. I can say that Jesus has made a tremendous impact on my life and He is transforming me daily. YAHOO! 



Sherry (Sandifer) Butler Class of '75
Location: None given
Posted 1/5/03

Hey Clarke College friends. 

I am so excited about the web site that I do not know where to begin. I think about the good old days at Clarke and miss them a lot. I have moved back to Columbia, MS and working at Citizens Bank as a teller. I have been back home since 1998. I have 1 son, Steven Corey Jones, and he is 23 years old. Steven lives with me and is working for an electrician. We have Bruno, my dog, who watches out for the 2 of us. A lot things have happened since 1975-1976 for me. I have recently divorced for the 2nd time. I was diagnosed May 24, 2001 with breast cancer. I was so scared but with Gods help and many, many prayers I am now cancer free. I had to take 8 chemo treatments every 21 days. My family and friends have been so supportive to me. I have learned that you do not take every day for granted. I thank God everyday for his love for me and the strength that he gave me to go through chemo. 

I would love to hear from anybody that was at Clarke the year I was there. I really miss everybody.

Love you all,

Sherry (Sandifer) Butler



R. Moses Clark - Class of '75
Oxford, Alabama
Posted 2/7/09

Hey Guys,

I guess you know who celebrates their 35th year reunion this year don't you??? It is the gang of 74'!!!

Yep most of us on here know the names many of the class of 74'!

What is significant about the year?? Not much! But the people who graduated from Clarke that year are very significant to me and are some of our best friends, classmates and just plain good people!

Now, at this writing I am not sure what will take place at the reunion for this class but I would like to propose WE ALL get involved by contacting as many Clarke Grads as we know, especially then 70's group and give them the dates for the reunion. The Friday night prior to the all inclusive reunion on Saturday is usually when we get together (The 70's Gathering) and catch up, sing some great praise and worship and then share in some wonderful fellowship!

BE THERE!!!!! We're not getting any younger guys and opportunities like this are slowly fading away form all of us!!!

Make your plans to get to Newton early as possible Friday afternoon and we can have dinner or supper, depends on what are of the south your from. Then we will drive to a designated place for our fellowship.

I have aleady made my plans to be there....early!!! Join me this year and make this year a great year for the Class of 74'!!!!

Mailing Address:

201 East Oak St.
Oxford, Alabama 36203


Phone:(H): 256028204375

Phone:(W): 256-831-1121

Robert Moses Clark


Janie Boykin Cox - Class of ‘75
San Diego, CA.
Posted 3/25/01

I was so excited when I came in last night and Russ (my husband of almost 20 years now) said I had a message on the answering machine from Moses Clark...about the Clark College reunion. MOSES, thank you for directing me to the alumni pages....I have enjoyed my stroll down memory lane. Clarke was such a special time in my life. And the friends I made there I still treasure in my heart. 

A quick and very short update on me: after leaving Clarke, I went to USM and graduated with a degree in Elementary Education. After teaching for 1 year, I went to Liberia with our Foreign Mission Board as a Missionary Journeyman. That's were Russ and I met....and no it wasn't love at first sight. He was also a journeyman in his second year...and we were just really good friends. Well, you have guessed that over the course of time, that changed. We were married in 1982 and moved west. Russ had already been attending Golden Gate Seminary for a year....after we were married I also enrolled at the seminary. We both got our Masters in Divinity. we served on staff at First Chinese Southern Baptist Church in San Francisco for several years....first as joint youth pastors, and then Russ as English pastor and Janie as youth pastor. we had our first child Rachel while in San Francisco (she turns 15 on March 31....) 

Almost 13 years ago we moved to San Diego to start a church. It is amazing and miraculous to look back and see how God has worked and blessed in our lives. The church is thriving and healthy...we are in the process of buying land (which is quite expensive in CA...., but God has faithfully provide the "perfect" spot for his church...and the needed funds. Oh, and our second child...a son was born in San Diego. Chris just turned 12.

I won't be able to make the reunion. But I look forward to reading all about it on these web pages. Thanks to you special people for putting this site together and helping old friends re-connect. Love to all, Janie

SPECIAL NOTE TO MARILYN L. GOUGET...I tried to e-mail you but it wouldn't send. Please e-mail me and let's get back in touch. Janie