Kent Crider -Class of '75
Lumberton, MS
Posted 3/22/01

Thank you , Nancy Hanks for your call and telling me about this site. I will be at the reunion in April I made reservations right after you called. Hope to see many of you God bless you.



Nancy Joe Hanks Dunavent - Class of '75
Sumner, MS
Posted 3/10/05

I would love to hear from anyone that attended Clarke with me.

I hope to see everyone at the reunion this year!!!

Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 365
Sumner, MS 38957

Phone: 601-479-2378

Email: Updated 9/4/06

Nancy Joe Hanks Dunavent


Roxie Boyd Ewing Attended '74 - '75
Yazoo City, MS
Posted: 8/25/02

I saw Paula Smith over the weekend and she told about the web site. I would love to hear from anybody that attended the year I did. It was great to see Paula. 

Mailing Address:
525 Grand Ave.
Yazoo City, MS

Phone: (662)-746-8458



Steve and Ann Fondren - Class of '75
Starkville, MS
Posted 3/31/01

Greetings to all. Clarke will always be a very special place to Ann and me, it is the place we met and fell in love (in the Fine Arts Building). 26 years later we thank God for a happy marriage in Him. I work with the Coca-Cola Co. as Sales Mgr. and Ann is a Professional Homemaker. We have 2 children and a dog. Wil is our 16 year old who loves the drums and plays in the church praise band and is currently learning the bass guitar (any spare ear plugs out there?). Paige is our 12 year old, who if I say so is mini-me, the best mirror I have ever had. She is quite the little gospel singer and often sings solos in church. Our children have been our greatest blessings from God. A year ago I had a moment of weakness and let Paige talk me into getting a dog, a Jack Russell named Maggie.

Looking forward to seeing everybody on the 28th.

Philippians 1:3

Steve Fondren aka. BEAR





Melany Bingham Fortenberry- Class of '75
Grenada, MS 
Posted 4/4/01

I was delighted to read all of your messages on the website. Things have certainly changed since Clarke but I still consider it one of the highlights of my life. Just to bring you up to date, Shane and I just celebrated our 25th Wedding Anniversary. Son Chance is at Mississippi College which is the next best school to Clarke, playing intramural basketball (6'5"), majoring in business and talking with all the girls (7 to 1 ratio). Son Chad is in love, is a basketball Allstar (6'5"), planning to go to MUW and major in culinary arts, Daughter Chatelaine is modeling and taking voice lessons (Age 12). Shane is running the physical therapy department at Grenada Lake Hospital and I am running a law office (Hickman, Goza & Spragins) and doing subrogation for State Farm and Farm Bureau as a paralegal. We are in the process of building a bed & breakfast at Gore Springs, MS. We all make the time to sing in choirs, work with the children's program, play hand bells, play organ, piano or keyboard as needed at First Baptist, Grenada.

We have a senior play for Chad Friday night and cannot get to the reunion until Saturday, but will try to be there.


Robert Furman - Class of '75
Jackson, MS
Posted 3/26/01

I would love to hear from anyone I attended Clarke with. I am married and have three cats.

Mailing Address:

1327 Sharon Drive
Jackson, MS 39204

Phone: 601-371-2331

Robert has no email at this time, but requested that Nancy Joe Hanks Dunavent post something for him. 


Marilyn Livingston Gouguet -Class of '75
Picayune, MS
Posted 5/15/01

I would like to tell you all how great this Internet site is and how much pleasure it has brought to me! Thanks, Ginny for your inception of it.

I was planning to attend the reunion, but my Father-in-law passed away and his funeral was Friday in New Orleans. I could not be there, but I was there with you in my heart and spirit. I can't wait until the next one!

Thank you for all of your responses concerning my Clarke College stories. They are sort of "historical fiction" in that I have taken a bit of poetic license. I also have changed some of the names to protect the innocent. But the stories come from my heart and are my recollection of the special years I spent at Clarke and the people who touched me. Thanks for reading them.

I have spoken to many folks who come to the site and do not write in...( I don't want to name names, but I am talking about Debbie Sweet Braswell, Rory Roarke, Terry White, John and Pam (Roarke) Cockrell, and Tim and Melinda ( Livingston) Trawick. (I'm sure there are many others.) You people need to know what a blessing it is to read a message from an old friend and provide a way to get back in contact with you.. So, please join in the fun and don't sit on the side lines.

Two personal messages, please: Janie Cox--I am trying to email you but it will not go through. Please call me at (01)798-6078 when it is convenient to you. We have years to catch up on. 

Terry White--- I have lost you. I heard that you live in Vicksburg. Please email me. We also have years to talk about. 

Love Ya'll,

Marilyn Livingston Gouguet


Marilyn Livingston Gouguet


Sherry Turnage McDaniel – Attended ’74-‘75
Ponotoc, MS
Posted 11/8/10

No Message give as yet.

Mailing Address:
600 McGregor Chapel Road N
Pontotoc, MS 38863


Phone (H): 662-489-8627

Phone(C): 662-419-1291

Sherry Turnage McDaniel



Lisa Dowdle Lovelady - Class of '75
Waynesboro, Virginia
Posted: 4/24/06

Dear friends,

I read with interest and pleasure the postings over the last few years and have enjoyed remembering all of you. I found the website because I was thinking about my semester at Clarke after looking at the 1976 "Traces" annual - I have been cleaning out my closets and attic and found it amongst all of the memorabilia. I went to school a few more years after Clarke and then married. My husband, Jonathan, pastors Westminster Presbyterian and we have three children, Stephanie, 22, Matthew, 17 and Luke, 10. I finally got a degree,(history) graduating in 2004 from James Madison University. I work part-time for the Valley Alliance for Education as a secretary and also do some writing. I would love to attend the reunion, but my daughter is graduating from JMU the next week. For anyone who might remember me, I would love to hear from you.


Lisa Dowdle Lovelady

Phone: (540)470-0870

Mailing Address:

4249 Ortega Place
Jacksonville, Florida


Lisa Dowdle Lovelady


Judy Hall Thompson -Class of ‘75
Eupora, MS
Posted 1/19/10

I just wanted you to know that I am leading in worship at Miracle Land Church located at 45 North Dunn Street in Eupora, MS.  This Church is a part of Westwood Baptist Ministries (non-profit) that is considered a church at large.  At the present time we have no sponsoring church. Our worship times are Sunday 10:00 12:30 pm and 5:00 pm.  Our pastor, Randy Wilson, (married to Gwen Booth Wilson) started this outreach ministry about 20 years ago.

Anne Booth Ross, the second daughter of Dr. James E. Booth also leads in worship.  I am blessed to be working with my cousins.  Our motto is "Come Just As You Are to Worship."  We are thrilled to be a part of the miracles that God is doing as we lift people up in prayer.  God is really moving in our hearts.  Please pray for us as we reach out to those in need.  I would love to hear from any of you.  I have five sisters who attended Clarke College, they are Martha Hall Baugh, Mary Ellen Hall Parks, Nelda Hall Cole, Wanda Hall Spigner, and Brenda Hall Young.  We share many good memories of our years at Clarke College where we made great friends.   

Mailing Address:

Judy H. Thompson
375 Mt. Moriah Road
Eupora, MS 

Phone: (H) (662) 258-7578
Phone: (C) (662) 312-9549


Judy Carol Hall Thompson

Posted 4/4/01

Hello to all my classmates from Clarke College. It has been many years since I have seen many of you. My sister, Nelda Hall Cole of Collierville, TN told me about the website. I was so excited to read many of your messages. I have so many good memories of the times that we spent together at Clarke. After graduating from Clarke in December '75, I eventually completed a B.S. in Elementary Education at Mississippi State University. I worked several years at MSU as a secretary. I married Joe Thompson from Eupora, MS in 1982. We have three children, Angela (22), Amy (18), and Stanley (14). Angela is married to Beau Busby and recently had our first granddaughter named Meredith Grace (5 weeks) that we affectionately call Gracie. Even though I am a grandmother now, I am still youthful in thought. In fact, as my daughter was given an epidural, the doctor asked if I would step out of the room, saying, "older sisters make me nervous!" My husband, Joe, teaches science courses at Eupora High School and I am presently making plans to stay at home for awhile to keep my granddaughter. Our family loves to sing and we are very active in First Baptist Church at Eupora, MS. God has been good to us and has performed many miracles in our lives. I could continue to give many testimonies about the ways we've been blessed but I need to close for now. I am seriously considering attending the reunion, April 28th. I would love to hear from anyone that I went to school with at Clarke. You may contact me through my daughter's e-mail address or my home address: Rt. 2, Box 61, Eupora, MS 39744; phone: (662) 258-7578.

Love in Christ,

Judy Hall Thompson


Doug Jones – Class of '75
Quitman, MS
Posted: 8/18/04

Leslie and I are now in Oxford, MS where I serve as pastor of New Prospect Baptist Church ( We have two grandchildren and life is very good. We look forward to next year's reunion--30 years. Boy, we are getting old, right Moses?
 :-) See ya'll there or ya'll come see us.

Mailing Address:

4734 CR 140
Quitman, MS 39355

Phone(H): 601-776-3885

Phone(C) 601-622-0328