Charlotte Hanks Miley - Class of '75
Puckett, Mississippi
Posted 3/25/01

I have really enjoyed reading about the good old days at Clarke, but was hesitant to write myself until the other day when my sister, Nancy Joe Hanks Dunavant, told me if I didn't write something about myself then she would do it for me! And she added that I would not be HAPPY with the things she wrote! SO Here Goes!

I attended Clarke College from 1973 until 1975. I can honestly say that those were two of the best years of my life. I learned so much during that short period. One of the things I learned is that true friendship is priceless. It has been years since I've seen or heard from most of you, but when I go down Memory Lane it always brings tears of joy. I really cherish those days!

My second year at Clarke I met my life companion. On the first day of school that year I went over to the boys dorm and Randy Rogers introduced me to a "Home Boy" from Puckett, Ms. His name was Jimmy Miley. My heart skipped a beat and I knew right then and there that I wanted to share my life with him. I told my cousin, Cindy Chandler, as we were leaving the dorm that I intended to marry that guy.

Later that same evening I called my mother and told her I met the person I intended to spend the rest of my life with( even though Jimmy didn't have a clue he was about to be married). We married February 14, 1975. we have been blessed with three sons - Jaime is 25 and lives in Atlanta, He works for Post Properties as a Lease Consultant, Jonathan is 23 and works for Burkhalter Rigging in Jackson, Josh is 19 and works for Pepsi in Jackson.

The only thing I ever felt was missing in my life was a daughter, but I suppose God knew that I needed to raise three hard-headed sons in order to appreciate the beautiful granddaughter he blessed me with on January 23, 2001. Her name is Alyssa McCall Miley and she is without a doubt the apple of my eye. I hold her every time her granddaddy (Jimmy) will allow me to pry her out of his arms. He even sleeps holding hand. Is he crazy about that granddaughter or what?

As you can tell after my Clarke days I spent most of my time having and raising children, but eventually I did take the time to continue my education.In 1989 I got a bachelors degree in social work and then in 1997 I received my Masters Degree in Social Work. I plan to begin working on my LCSW in May of this year.

I have been employed with the Mississippi Department of Human Services since 1989. I have really been blessed through my job. I can say I have seen the best of times and the worst of times while working there. Jimmy is a truck driver and worked for Jitney Jungle Stores until they sold out. After 12 years of employment there his job ended on January 19, 2001.

He is currently driving a truck for a local company. For entertainment we raise cows and raise our own vegetables. That's about all there is to do in Puckett. As I remember those Clarke College Days I ALWAYS think of Randy Rogers introducing me to Jimmy. There are days when I want to pick up the phone and thank him, but there are also those days when I throw VERY SHARP DARTS at a picture of Randy I keep taped to the wall for just such times.

To sum it all up I think we all touch each others lives in ways that we might never know. We cross paths and once crossed you can never go back.. Randy probably never dreamed that he was sentencing his friend to a life with me when he introduced us, but thanks Randy. I Love You. My Love to all of You and I will see you at the reunion. Now, I hope Nancy Joe will not write any lies about me! 

Email: BlueJ2004C@AOL.Com 


Gaye Loper Napier- Class of '75
Laurel, MS
Posted 1/19/01

Wow! What a great surprise when Moses Clark called me yesterday and informed me of the Clarke web site. I have enjoyed reading all the entries. I attended Clarke from 1973-75, two of the most wonderful years of my life. I have many fond memories of Clarke College and made many life-long friends there. I was saddened to hear the buildings have been torn down. One thing for sure, our memories or the wonderful work God did at Clarke for so many years can't be torn down.

After graduation from Clarke in 1975, I attended USM, majoring in Elementary Ed., graduated in 1977 and later received my masters degree in Elem. Ed. I married Tom one week after graduating from USM. We have three girls: Brandie, age 20, attending USM- majoring in Elementary Ed.; Kacie, age 17, a junior in high school; and Marcie, age 3, keeping her "Old" parents young. Isn't God Great! ( I have an idea of how Sarah felt.)

Tom works for B. J. Services out of Columbia, MS. I teach 7th and 8th grade Gifted students at Jones Middle School in Laurel. We attend Highland Baptist Church.

Thank you, Ginny, for creating this wonderful web site and to Moses for telling me about it. This is a great way to keep in touch . Let me hear from anyone who wishes to write.

Gaye Loper Napier-75'


Gaye Napier


Gwynn Warren Guy – Class of ‘75
Laurel, MS
Posted 1/30/10

Interior Designer at Batte Furniture and Interiors at 1010 East Northside Drive in Jackson,Ms 39206 for 20 yrs. phone # (601) 366-0335.

Mailing Address: 

549 Turtle Lane
Brandon,Ms 39047

CellPhone:: (601) 863-6108


Gwynn Warren Guy


Stanley (Stan) Nowell -Class of '75
Chattanooga TN
Posted 4/14/05

Dear Clarke Friends,

I am writing to update my information and I hope that some of you will contact me and say,"Hey". In March of 2003, Forgotten Children Ministries was incorporated. The ministry consist of our stateside office in Chattanooga and in Honduras we have Noah's Ark Shelter for Homeless Children and Grace Farm. The Shelter is the first phase of our rescue process. The street kids enter the shelter and it is there that they leave the glue and drugs behind. Once they've demonstrated a real desire to change their lives, they are moved to Grace Farm. The farm is a forty acre farm where the rescued kids are discipled, educated, trained vocationally and taught English. Currently, we have around 45 rescued boys at the farm.

We also utilize short-term mission teams in rescuing these precious but forgotten children and we have planted and built the Noah's Ark Baptist Church in the village where Grace Farm is located. You can find out more about us at our webite. Please visit us as

God bless and I would love to hear from you!

For the sake of the children,

Stan Nowell


Phone:(H): 423-485-1246

Office: 423-892-4979

Cell: 423-504-6989

Fax: 432-892-8808

Mailing Address:

Stan Nowell
P.O. Box 24085
Chattanooga, TN 37422



Stan Nowell


Debbie Roy Payne - Class of '75
Paxton, Illinois
Posted 4/18/09

My desire is to be with you all next week at the Alumni gathering. However, my mother has been quite ill and at this time needs care at home. I moved back home after having been gone from Paxton for over 30 years to care for her. She is 90+ years old and has a strong faith in Christ Jesus. I pray you all have a wonderful time at Clarke next week, for those who can attend. One day we will all meet in heaven and talk of all the times we had at Clarke glorifying Almighty God. God bless you all.

Deb Roy Payne

Mailing Address:

213 East Pells Street,
Paxton, IL 60957

Phone:(cell): 920-362-0910



Randy Rogers - Class of '75
Jackson, MS
Posted 2/19/01

Great job, Ginny!!! Thanks for all the hard work in putting this together. It is great to see all the posts that friends have left. Clarke is not dead, it still lives in our hearts and lives just as Jesus does. Thanks for the phone call Moses. May God bless each of you in a special way today, tomorrow, and each day that follows. God is great, life is good, Clinton is out, Bush is in. Stay in touch!!



Dwayne Sims – Class of '75
Crestview, Florida
Posted 5/22/01

Hey Guys!

This is really exciting! To be able to make contacts with folks about whom I have such fond memories is very special. When Stan Nowell told me about this web-site I couldn't wait to get online and check it out.

After Clarke I went home to Cleveland, MS and attended Delta State University (Go OKRA!) where I met my wife of 20 years, Brenda Breland. We later moved to a church in New Orleans and attended the seminary while there. I have had the privilege of serving in numerous churches in Louisiana, Mississippi and now in Florida. The Lord presently has me serving as the Associate Pastor, Education/Administration Minister for First Baptist Church, Crestview, Florida. We have been here for almost 6 years.

Brenda and I have two wonderful sons "in whom we are well pleased." Cliff is 17 and going into his senior year of high school. He plays baseball and basketball for the school and has been invited to a "scouting camp" for baseball this summer. Brian is 13, plays trombone in the middle school band, guitar and piano at the house and earned his Black Belt this past year. More importantly than all of that is the fact they're both saved and I had the honor of baptizing them. God is truly awesome!

Brenda and I have been blessed in so many ways that I cannot begin to tell you everything God has done. As the old Mississippi prophet, Jerry Clower, used to say, "Ain't God Good!"

I'd love to hear from all of you. If you get a chance write.

Your Brother in the Lord,

Dwayne Sims



Rusty J. Sowell Class of '75
Opelika, Alabama
Posted 5/18/00

Hey everybody, What a great trip down memory lane. I was a student at Clarke from 1973 to 1975. Two of the Best years of my life, would love to hear from all of you...Rusty

Posted 9/26/02

Hey Folks, I hated to miss the reunion last spring , hopefully this year more of us will be able to attend. My old email is no longer available my new address is . Love to hear from the folk who were classmates in 1973 to 1975..peace. Rusty J. Sowell


Rusty Sowell


Bruce M. Thomas - Class of '75
Franklin, LA
Posted 3/26/01

Just finished reading most of the messages from most of you who were at Clarke from 73 to 75. It was good to hear or read the messages and the memories are as strong as ever. I must say that my two years at Clarke had to have been the best two years of my life. I would like to say that the boys' dorm life experiences helped me to grow as a Christian as much as the classes I attended. Thanks Guys. The list of names is to long to mention, but the memories are fond. If you run across this site and read this, please let me hear from you.

Yes, Phyllis has put up with me for all these years and is still doing so. You remember Angela, the only girl to live in the boys dorm for two years. After we left Clarke, God blessed us with twins boys, Bruce and Brent. They are 23. Then along came Shira two years later. We returned home and still live in the same place. Phyllis is the principal of Enon Elementary School and I am the principal of Northside Alternative School in Bogalusa, LA. We are active members of the Westside Emmanuel Baptist Church in Bogalusa where we both teach Sunday School, work with the youth and serve on various committees.

I plan to attend the reunion in April and hope you there. I have one request if anyone knows how to get in touch with David Burkett please let me know, thanks. 

God's Love,

Mailing Address:

20625 Creel Rd.#1
Franklin, LA 70438



Arthur Whitehead – Attended ‘75
Clinton, MS
Posted 2/6/10

No message as yet!

Mailing Address:

301 W. Northside Dr.Apt 303
Clinton, MS 39056-6536

Phone: 601-924-1289

Cell: 601-473-6536


Arthur F. Whitehead


Ellen Mayhall Williams-Class of '75
Petal, MS
Posted 4/8/01

I was very excited when I heard about this special 70's reunion night. I heard about Moses Clark calling and talking to Faye and Kaye Parkin's mother, who works with me. I am a medical transcriptionist and work in Hattiesburg, MS. I married Chris Williams, who also went to Clarke, over 25 years ago. We have lived in North Carolina and Georgia until the Lord led us back to Mississippi in 1998. We have two children, Travis, who is 19 and Nathan, who is 17. Our plans are to come to the reunion on Friday night. It sounds like we will see some faces from long ago. Our address is 31 Sunrise Heights, Petal, MS and our phone number is 601-584-6180. I would love to hear from any of you. My sister Janet is living with her husband of four years now in Payson, Arizona, but I will let her know about this web site. My sister, Ann, and her husband, Herbert Redd, live in Vicksburg and I have already told them about this. They both went to Clarke as well.

I hope to see many of you on the 27th. I thank God for the memories that we all hold of Clarke.
Ellen and Chris

Mailing Address:
31 Sunrise Heights
Petal, MS

Phone: 601- 584-6180

Email: c& 

Ellen Mayhall Williams