David Rice- Class of '76
Northport, AL
Posted 8/25/06

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Phone Number: 1-205-246-9583

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Robin Bosarge Thorn Class of '76
Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Posted 3/4/09

Hi friends, I wanted to post to let everyone know I had a phone call from Kelton Valentine recently. She informs me that Joyce Vaughn has passed away. Students from the 70s will remember Joyce as the secretary and wife of the Dean, Victor Vaughn.

I worked in the office with Mrs. Vaughn and she was a wonderful mentor to me and many of the girls at Clarke in the 70s. Mrs. Valentine reports that her sons Roy and Michael are doing well. It was good to hear from Mrs. Valentine and she caught me up on news of her children David and Karen.

Mrs. Valentine was also a great mentor for girls at Clarke in the 70s.

As I am writing this post, it is snowing outside and the wind is blowing around 25 mph in Tuscaloosa. This is a rare sight here. My grandchildren, Emma age 5 and Anna Kate age 7 have rarely seen snow and are out playing in it.

My oldest daughter, Beth is doing well and my youngest; Katie is getting married this spring. I adore my new son-in-law to be, Brett. He is a good boy.

I appreciate Ginny's efforts in keeping this site operating. Thank you Ginny, and look forward to the Alumni meeting this spring. I hope to see many friends. Robin Bosarge Thorn (If Sherry, Denise, Janice, or Nancy read this please email me)

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Terry White Class of '76
Vicksburg, MS
Posted 5/20/03

What a joy it is strolling down Memory Lane. I love reading about old friends and remembering the fun times we had together. Clarke continues to hold a special place in my heart.

My wife Bev and I live in Vicksburg Ms. We have two sons Justin and Jeremy. Justin will begin college this fall at Mississippi College. Jeremy will be a sophomore in high school.

Bev works in our local Center for Pregnancy Choices and I pastor Bowmar Baptist Church. Our church recently relocated so my life has been full of exciting challenges.

For the first time I have my own E Mail address so I'd love to hear from any of my old friends.

Email: terry@bowmarbaptist.org 


Cathy Collins Bland – Class of ‘77
Mount Olive, MS
Posted 6/27/12

Message: Hello Clarke friends! It's been good getting to know each other all over again on facebook but I thought that I would add a message on here too. After Hurricane Katrina, I retired from being a library media specialist at Oak Grove High School (outside of Hattiesburg, MS). My husband and I own and operate Heritage Oaks Memorial Engraving Service in Mt. Olive, MS. Our company adds death dates to monuments that have already been placed in a cemetery. Our daughter just completed her 1st year at JCJC in Ellisville, MS. My husband's grandfather (Henry Stanley Phillips) also attended Clarke! My son and his wife are expecting their first child in late Aug.early Sept. Life is good. God is good all the time.

Email: blandcat@hotmail.com

Cathy Collins Bland


Kris Carmichael Class of '77
Jackson, MS
Posted 9/20/03

I still miss those truck stop cheeseburgers! After leaving Clarke in 1977,went on to Graduate from M.C. in '79, majoring in Political Science. Served as Mayor of Stonewall from 1981-1985, spent time in the Middle East and in Scotland. Married the former Margaret Quay Miller of Jackson in 1990 and I am currently employed with the City of Jackson's Municipal Court, Secretary to the Administrator. No kids, but have found favor in the eyes of God and in the eyes of man. Spend my time fly fishing, playing guitar, writing, traveling, composing music, hiking, recording, and of course, serve as the Band Master to "Mississippi's Own, Father of Waters Pipes & Drums". Check us out at: www.fatherofwaters.com / Maggie is also a Graduate of M.C., she is currently employed with Saks as a Computer Programmer. She plays keyboard, hammered dulcimer, accordion, and is currently taking up the harp.

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Jackson, MS 39212

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Ida Lou Jones Class of '77
Waynesboro, MS
Posted 4/1/01

Hello from Waynesboro, Ms. I teach at Buckatunna Elem. I teach Kindergarten. I would like to hear from anybody I went to Clarke.

Email: idajo_39367@yahoo.com


Jeff Hemken - Class of '77
Phoenix, AZ
Posted 5/16/00

This is Jeff Hemken, graduate of Clark College in 1977. Patty and I have three children. I have been pastoring at First Southern Baptist Church of Paradise Valley in Phoenix, Arizona for the past nine years. I would love to hear from anyone that went to school when we did.

Jeff Hemken

Email: Jeffrey454@cs.com


Bill Martin - Class of '77
Hot Springs, South Dakota
Posted 12/3/03

Dear Clarke College Friends,

Just an update. We are still in Hot Springs and the mission is going well and will soon be 2 1/2 years old. 

My oldest daughter, Stacey, is a sophomore at the University of Wyoming and my youngest daughter, Tracey, plans on attending William Carey College in the Fall of 2004. 

We recently bought a residence/church. The "Joy House" is both our home and church building. It was originally built by a Mormon group but was sold several times. We picked it up at auction for a faction of its construction cost. God was looking over this building for us. You can find it pictured on our web-site as listed in our previous message. We can see the Lord's leadership here. Jesus is Wonderful! 

Drop us a note anytime. We would love to hear from you or you may call us.

Grace and Peace To You All

Bill Martin

Phone: (605) 745-JOY2

Email: bpmartin@gwtc.net


Dan Munson Class of '77
Albany, LA
Posted 3/6/03

Clarke College was the a blessing that I will never forget. We had some of the best bible discussions and fellowships on that campus. I would like to chat with anyone who attended around this time.

Dan Munson

Email: danmunson@i-55.com


Bill Redford- Class of '77
Fort Worth, TX
Posted 2/10/09

I am continually amazed, how faithful He remains and how He continues to use us, in spite of whom we are. Most of all what a privilege it is to serve Him.

I live in Fort Worth, TX. I am married and have one daughter that is married and is studying to be a nurse.

I have been working as a factory rep for different music companies. I was setting up Dealers through out the center of the country. I get to buy Keyboards & Digital Pianos at a great discount. Because of the road gig... I was just doing revivals, "fill-in" and concerts.

I have now removed myself from the road so I can serve in a more permanent capacity. I have been on church staff quite a bit as Worship Pastor and am looking forward to serving again.

I have a ministry I operate called FJR Ministries (my Dads initials). My Dad died at 68 (15 years ago). He had such a great ministry that I didn't want it to die with him… so I started FJR Ministries. This Ministry continues to define itself every year. I am updating a book my Dad wrote. He had started the updating but died to soon. I have his notes.

I continue to write music... The last few years have been unbelievable...

His Songs have been just been pored out on me. It has been almost more than I can handle (getting them notated and copyright etc.). I sit down to finish/polish one up and something new comes to me. Through out my Whole Life I have been driven to write, but not much to show for it. It is amazing that at this late stage of my life… this is happening to me. I am now trying to get some of my songs out there.

I hope this doesn't read as lengthy as it wrote :o)

His blessings and power to you,

Bill Redford

Mailing Address:

7908 Stansfield Drive
Fort Worth, TX 76137

Email: song1writer@sbcglobal.net


Melinda Dixon Rich - Attended ’77
Prentiss, Mississippi 
Posted 5/3/00

It is good to find this site. Clarke College has a special place in my heart. My days at Clarke began in 1977. It would be a joy to hear from classmates.

Email: MelindaDRich@cs.com 

Melinda Dixon Rich