Tim Robertson - Class of '77
Silver Creek, MS
Posted 1/11/09

I had not heard from very many people that I know from the tiime I spent at Clarke. I want to thank Moses for giving me an e-mail about Bryan and Mary Burt's son. I am so sorry for their loss.

Allow me to share a few things about what has been happening in my world for the last 100 years. After the spring semester was over at Clarke I went back home to DeKalb, MS and was pastoring and working in a grocery store. Before I left I saw Allen Parnell and told him if he ever needed help in the admissions department I would love to help. Well, in the spring of 1979 he called and said he had an opening for a admissions assistant and traveling recruiter for Clarke. I worked with Mary Burt, Evelyn Williams and Carey Bass in the office. We tried our best to help Clarke College with new students, but it was hard competing with state Jr. Colleges.

In the fall of 1979 I went to William Carey to school, while pastoring in Neshoba County and working for Clarke on weekends. God allowed me to meet some wonderful students that would carry on many Clarke traditions. During that fall I met and married Glenda Huff from Pelahatchie, MS. We married December 29,1979.

We have served many churches mostly in the central Miss. area. We are now in Silver Creek MS, where I serve as pastor of the Calvary Baptist Church. Glenda works for Region 8 Mental Heath in Mendenhall, MS as a secretary.

If there are any of you alumni out there that remember Glenda and I, please e-mail or call us. We would love to hear from any of you. In Christ's Love, Tim and Glenda Robertson

Mailing Address:

Tim and Glenda Robertson
P.O. Box 127
Silver Creek, MS 39663

Phone: 601-886-0379



Joey Savell - Class of '77
Huntsville, AL
Posted 4/26/06

It's been a while since I last posted on here, but a lot of changes in the past three years. After spending 16 years on staff at one church and about 25 years in the student ministry, I have moved. I am now Pastor at Pineview Baptist Church in Harvest, AL a suburb of Huntsville. The church has over doubled in three years and I am loving it. 

I have 3 girls, Tiffany, the oldest is now married and has one boy born this Feb. My first grandchild; Stephany is 20 and Rachel is 16. Life is great and I am thrilled about the Future.

Some of my fondest memories of my early years were at Clarke. My only regret is that I did not stay in touch with many of my friends there. Maybe we will all make it to one of the reunions sometime.


Phone:(W): 256-852-9571

Phone:(cell): 256-337-1183


Joey Savell


Salam Shorrosh- Class of '77
Daphne, AL
Posted 6/13/07

Dear Friends,

It has been many years and I thought I would never find any classmates from 1978-1979. I ran into Billy Cagle a couple of years ago at a state convention though and it reawakened my interest to find old friends. My wife Sherry and our son Michael and I live in Daphne, Alabama. I am self-employed as a business consultant. I help both churches and businesses grow teaching management skills, organizational dynamics, and preaching and teaching as opportunities arise. I take on troubled churches to help turn them around and recently completed a three-year contract with a church going through major transitions following decades of trouble. Long-term intentional interims are the way to go when a church has a history of problems. The most recent church claimed me as their 27th pastor in 85 years!

How did I get into this line of work? Along the way, after Clarke College (A.A. – 19779), I went on to Samford U. and graduated with a B.S. in bus/admin/fin and a minor in cello (yes, I still play). I began SAS Business Consulting in 1983 and worked with dozens of companies on a contract basis. After a three-year gig working with a hospital to automate their budgeting processes, the Lord called me into full-time ministry (1992). I went to NOBTS for training and while working for churches and maintaining my business consulting service, I complete the M.Div. Biblical Studies (1995), the MACE – Education/Admin (1998), a M.Th. – Christian Thought (2001), and the Ph.D. (Education/Admin) 2006). I perform my church consultation work under Shepherd’s Way Ministry Consulting, which I began in 1992 upon the advice of many friends and mentors ( [If you are a minister, and have yet to incorporate your ministry under an umbrella heading, you may be missing some wonderful benefits, especially tax savings that can save you thousands of dollars a year.]

Today, Shepherd’s Way Ministry Consulting has affiliate workers in three states that provide accounting, business administration, software sales and installation, fund-raising programs, evangelism, legal advice, and other services. Depending on a church or Christian organization’s needs, we assign very well qualified individuals to work with them on a fee basis. As President of Shepherd’s Way Ministry Consulting, I speak at Bible conferences, special events, marriage retreats, finance training seminars, leadership banquets, and so on. I believe many churches and pastors are missing opportunities to witness that are right under their noses. Does your church or ministry have a web site yet? Do you have an online Christian resource bookstore yet? Do you think the price is out of reach? What if I told you that you, your church, your band, your homeschool group, could own a web site for less than $200 and no monthly fees, and a bookstore for less than $600 that generates passive income, requires no inventory or handling money, but generates a check when commissions get past $100.00? These are just some of the ways we help churches and organizations grow.

I hope to sign a contract with the Baldwin County School Board to provide administrative support to their rapidly growing counseling staff. Each of the high schools now receives a professional guidance counselor for each grade, not just one for the entire school. That means they have people with minimal counseling training all the way to a Ph.D. in counseling trying to work together. My ability to organize and develop written policies and procedures may help them develop some continuity. Additionally, they want me to go from school to school overseeing the development of the counselors, identify problems, and address them strategically.

Through SAS Business Consulting, I recently completed a marketing development plan for an energy drink company that is expanding into Alabama, south Mississippi, Georgia, and Florida. I am licensed to find, train, and place people in business selling their healthy energy drink to store owners, food and beverage brokers, vendors, individuals, and as a fund-raising item. To learn more go to

My wife Sherry is originally from Pensacola and I met her while visiting her dad’s church where he was mission pastor. My dad took me along as he was preaching there that Sunday. We met, went out to dinner, and soon she was working for me in my investment company. A year later we were married (1985). In 1988, Michael came along. Michael is now a sophomore at Samford U. majoring in business until he decides what God really wants him to do. As I tell him often, God needs more people in the business field than he does in the pulpit if he wants to reach the lost.

That’s us in a nutshell. Hope all of you are doing well. You can call me and catch up on old times. If I can help your church, don’t hesitate to call.

In Christ’s service,

Rev. Salam A. Shorrosh, Ph.D.

Shepherd’s Way Ministries, President

SAS Business Consulting, President

Upside Product Marketing, President

Mailing Address:
8640 Caballo Court
Daphne, AL 36526

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Paula Smith Class of '76
North Carrollton, MS
Posted 11/27/02

I've had computer problems for a while, but now am back up and running and wanted to be sure I could communicate with everyone. My new e-mail address is . Life has changed for me (again) this year. I started working with the Mississippi Baptist Convention Board in January as the "Literacy and Language Missionary". There have been some incredible things to happen this year! I'll be glad to tell you some of those stories if you're interested! Also life changed completely for me in July when my mother died rather suddenly. Would love to catch up with everyone! 

Happy Thanksgiving!

Paula Smith




Tim and Melinda (Livingston) Trawick-Class of '77
Magnolia, TX
Posted 7/11/01

It is so good to keep the Clarke College memories alive!

Tim and I met at Clarke in 1976 and have now been married for 22 years. Tim is employed with Chevron Oil and we have lived in New Orleans, Utah and now Houston. We have four sons 14, 12, 11 and 8. Our fourth son, William Clarke Trawick, is named after this great school. What an influence this school has made to our lives!

Melinda Trawick

P.S. To my sister Marilyn...thanks for your Clarke Memories...I read them over and over! Send more!

Mailing Address:
4 Whispering Pines St
Magnolia, TX 77354

Phone: (W) 713-409-4890


Melinda Trawick


Mike Bryant- Class of ‘78
Star, MS
Posted: 10/11/12

Hey Clarke Friends,

I am retired after working full-time for MS Air National Guard. Loved it, got to travel all over the world, but was ready to go. Married for 24 years and have 3 wonderful children. Would love to hear from some of my Clarke friends. It was such a special time and place. 

Mailing Address:
Michael D. Bryant
PO Box 344
Star, MS 39167


Phone(H): 6013167954

Phone(C): 7692578011

Mike Bryant


Margaret Greene - Class of '78
Hattiesburg, MS
Posted 9/20/03

Today September 18, 2003 I attended the Dedication of the Central Mississippi Residential Center which was once Clarke College. I thought this would be a very sad day as I have wonderful memories of my time there. I was, however, very impressed by what has been accomplished.

The Fine Arts Building, Library, and Science Building were all renovated and do not look much different than when I was there. In the Administration Building ( Science Building) there is a Clarke College Throw and several items that showcase what was once on those grounds.

The dorms, administration building, gym and facility houses are no longer there (they could not be brought up to code regulations). In their place are four 12 bed homes. The student apartments were renovated and will be used as supervised apartments. In his dedication Dr. Randy Hendrix and Dr. Mark Yeager both commented on Clarke College and how it ministered to those of us who attended as well as the number of ministers, musicians, and missionaries that are now serving our Lord.

There is a new ministry now and that is to help those who have mental illness. I am glad to know that what was once a special place to me has now become useful again and will be a special place to others.

Mailing Address:

19 Martha Avenue
Hattiesburg, MS 39402



John & Beth (Milner) Greene - Class of '78
Morristown, TN
Posted 1/18/07

Beth and I moved to FBC here in Morristown, TN in July of 2006 after 10 years of service with Hunters Glen BC in Plano, TX. We love the mountains and the down-home atmosphere. We have a wonderful loving church family. I am serving as Pastor of Worship (Min of Music) and Beth is teaching elementary music in the local school system. She completed a Masters Degree in Marriage & Family Counseling last Dec. and is looking for a way to use it up here. Our older son, Philip will marry Marissa in July. He is Min. of Music at Rose Park Baptist Church in Shreveport, LA Our second son, Michael and his wife, Shanna are expecting our first grandchild in March. Michael serves Western Hills BC in Ft. Worth where they are attending seminary. We have an eventful 2007 planned and are very excited! Our love and prayers to all. We'd love to hear from any of our friends...blessings, John and Beth(Milner) Greene

Mailing Address:

1729 Christmas Drive
Morristown, TN 37814

Phone:(H): 423-307-1366



John Greene

Beth Milner Greene


Tommy & Benita Johnsey - Class of '78
Clinton, MS
Posted 7/1/05

Hello Clarke friends. Tommy and I live in Clinton, MS. We have six children. Ben 23, manager at the Clinton Mazzios, Marie 22, Student @ Mississippi College, majoring in education, Erica 20, just married June 18,2005. Our adopted children, Timmy 15, Brandon 14, Christian, 12. Tommy is the owner of Pinniacle Rest. Corp (Mazzios). He has stores in MS and Tx. I am the assistant director @ Wildwood Childcare Center, and the financial sec. at Wildwood Baptist Church. We stay pretty busy. I'm glad to find out about this website. Hope to hear from some of you soon.


Mailing Address:
Tommy and Benita Johnsey
213 Hood Drive
Clinton, MS 39056

Phone:(H): 601-925-4773

Phone: (cell): 601-941-6381


Benita Johnsey


Jerry and Gloria Lundy - Class of '78
Louisville, MS
Posted 11/16/04

Mailing Address: 

455 Harmony Baptist Church Rd.
Louisville, Ms

Phone: 662-773-9507


Gloria Lundy


Billy Cagle- Class of '79
Decatur, AL
Posted 7/1/08

I just wanted to update where I am and where I’m serving. The last time I posted I was serving in full time evangelism but since 2000 I have been pastor of Flint Baptist Church in my home town of Decatur Al. God has truly blessed and I’m so grateful for His blessings.

After Clarke I graduated from Blue Mountain College, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and PhD from Rochville University.

I pastored 6 churches and married Mary Alice in 1985 and have three children, John , Andrew and Anna.

Mailing Address:

4117 US Hwy. 31 South
Decatur, AL