Barbara Odom Mitchell - Class of 81
Baton Rouge, LA
Posted 4/4/05

Hello to all of our Clarke family!!! Eric and I are looking forward to seeing many of you at the reunion!!! We are now living in Baton Rouge as of January 31st of this year. We are doing great thanks to the goodness of our gracious Lord!!! Our email address will change soon because our server will be updated soon, but for now you can reach us at .

Eric received his doctorate in Church Ministries in Dec, 04. He is currently the Teaching Pastor at Oaks Community Church here in Baton Rouge. Let us hear from some of you!!

Barbara and Eric Mitchell



Rita Redford Peeks – Attended ‘81
Location not given
Posted 7/3/11

Well we have had a lot of changes in the last five years. I am now divorced.  God has taken such wonderful care of me and my daughter during the adjustment to life after divorce. But of course he always does. I now have two granddaughters from my oldest Robin & her husband. My youngest Ashley graduated a year early and is starting college this fall. Would love to hear from any Clarke classmates.

Phone: (Cell) 817-793-4438

Rita Redford Peeks Class of '81
Roanoke, Tx
Posted: 5/1/10

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In Christ, Rita ( Redford) Peeks

150 Parish Ln #717
Roanoke, Tx 76262

HomePhone: 817-793-4438



James Twilbeck -Class of '81
Paris, Tennessee
Posted 6/12/ 01

Glad to find out about this page. I am currently serving as Director of Missions for Western Dist. Bapt. Assoc. in Paris TN, look forward to hearing from you.


James Twilbeck


Willie Watts Class of '81
East Tennessee
Posted: 6/25/00

I started Clarke College in the fall of 78 and being a "dummy" can be a blessing it was for me because it took 2 and 1/2 years for me to get thru Clarke College because I went to College with a 9th grade education.

It was that last summer that met what is now my wife the former Pam Homer we married in August 81 after I graduated in May. We have 2 beautiful children One son Albert and one daughter Patsy a.k.a. "PJ" 14. I did not get to finish my bachelor degree due to marriage responsibility and full time work and of course school work was the first to suffer and I dropped out.

However, the good news is I went back to college at the age of 32 with a wife and 2 kids a got another AA degree this time in Funeral Service that's right I am a licensed Funeral Director and Embalmer hence my nickname I thank you for this site and the and the ability to reach old friends and hopefully make new ones. I currently work in East Tenn.


Willie Watts


Debbie Parkes Allen - Class of '82
Ellisville, MS
Posted 4/20/01

I am just finding out about this web site and was so excited to find it! I loved finding people's names that I recognize!

I finished at Clarke in l982 and went on to Blue Mountain College where I received my BA in l984. In May of 84 I married David Allen. He is a pastor and has moved me around the past l7 years. We have 3 sons-Jonathan-l5, Joshua-12 and Joseph 4. They have been such a blessing to us. I have been homeschooling for the past six years which is truly rewarding. We have lived in MS, moved to Alabama for 4 years and then on to Crossville, TN for 7 years---then 2 years ago we moved to south Mississippi. Please email me if you recognize my name. I would love to hear from you!


Debbie Parkes Allen


Delissa Britt - Class of '82
Ocean Springs, Mississippi
Posted 1/19/02

Wow!!! a Clarke College site. Steven and Dena Beasley called us tonite and told us about it. Brian and I live in Ocean Springs, MS where we operate an old log home as a bed and breakfast, The Wilson House Inn still feeding folks homemade biscuits, cinnamon rolls, and whatever... just not to the girls dorm!!) We have lived here since 1987. Our daughter Kimberly, who was born while we at Clarke, is in her second year of college at Emerson in Boston. Our son Benjamin is a senior in high school. We would like to hear from anyone who remembers us. Anyone know where big John Purvis is pastoring? We have plenty of room for friends to come and visit us....come on and see us sometime!!!!

Delissa and Brian Britt



Terri Keyes Howell- Class of ‘82
Crystal Springs, MS
Posted 5/5/04

I was surfing the Net and put Clarke College into a search engine. While I didn't see any of my friends, I hope that a few will respond so that we can catch up! Inow live in Montgomery, Alabama and my youngest child leaves for college this year. How I loved Clarke and the Sweet Spirit! Please get in touch...

Mailing Address:

7201 Mid Pines Drive
Montgomery, AL  36117

Phone: 334-398-0291




Felicia Smith Parker- Class of '82
Brookhaven, MS
Posted 12/27/04

I hope to hear from fellow classmates and friends from the 80's. God is SO good, and has blessed me in tremendous ways. Amazing Grace shall always be my song of praise, for it was grace that has brought me through, and I know that God looked beyond my faults and saw my needs. Praise the Lord for never giving up on us.

Mailing Address:

Felicia Parker
973 Zetus Road, NW
Brookhaven, MS 


Felicia Smith Parker


Cecile Reeves Stanback - Class of '82
Location: Not given
Posted 9/20/02

Hello Clarke Family,

I attended Clarke 1980-1982. Those were some of the most wonderful years of my life.

After leaving Clarke I attended USM and met my future husband. (I was so worried that I would be single my whole life because I had not met someone at Clarke "matrimonial" College. We were married 1984 and finished our degrees at William Carey College.

The Lord blessed us with 2 boys, Will in 1987, and Philip in 1989. After a tragic car accident my husband, Charles was killed in 1992. I returned to my hometown in Monticello and have been single since.

My boys are now both teenagers and the Lord continues to give me strength daily.

I would love to hear from anyone that was at Clarke during the 2 years I attended.

Mailing Address:
1772 Pine Drive
Monticello, MS


Cecile Stanback