Tim Johnson - Class of '85
Athens, AL
Posted 9/11/07

When I was at Clarke College, I remember the excitement over the birth of my first niece, Ashley. Many on campus joined in as I waited to become an uncle. Memories of Dr. Read telling me my sister had gone to the hospital still are fresh in my mind. Can still see Gay Luke and Karen Howard running into the cafeteria announcing to me that I had a niece. (You know, I never knew what happened to that food tray that I pushed aside.) Then, Johnny Sykes drove me to Laurel, MS to see my first niece. He drove 80 miles an hour because we had to get back for play rehearsal. Wow...that was April of 1985. She was even brought to my graduation in May for all to see.

I tell you this because; I almost lost this wonderful child recently. She attempted suicide. My heart is heavy for her and I ask my old friends, the ones who gathered around me at her birth, to join with me in lifting her up again. She is in special care, but will need lots of help.

Over the last several years, my life has taken me away from Mississippi and the Clarke College family. As I get older, I forget a lot. Yet, the memories from Clarke are still fresh in my mind. That is why when I thought of Ashley's birth, I thought of all of you. Thanks for your prayers.

Email: johnson_tim@bellsouth.net


Rebecca Labeth Crosby, attended 85- ‘86
Unknown location
Posted 10/6/11

I'm looking for Judy Price.  She was from Alabama.  Anybody know what happened to her?  Also, found out that Caryn Treffner died in 2003.  Anybody know what happened?

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Rebecca Labeth Crosby

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Shelly Sasser Hopson - class of '86
Mills River, NC
Posted: 5/29/13

Message: Hello to all! My time at Clarke College was so preciouse to me and I met so many people over the years that had connections to Clarke College. I wonder what happened to others over the years and where people are now. I am currently in Asheville, NC where I live with my husband Donnie! Please email me anyone who would like to chat and catch up on your life. I would love to know about people and where your journey has taken you.
Love to all.....

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shelly hopson



Jim Hill - Attended '86-'87
Laurel, MS
Posted 2/2/11

I attended Clarke as a Mississippi College student from 1986-87. I'm currently living near Laurel and farming cattle with my Father. I cherish so many memories of Clarke College and the wonderful friends it led me to. Mrs. Vera Melton called me a couple of weeks ago, and is doing fine. I was excited to see the alumni page and look forward to catching the next reunion.

Love in Christ,

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Tonya Lidberg Summers- attended '86-'87
Lucedale, Ms
Posted 6/26/14


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Leroy Hughes - Class of '86
Fairhope, Alabama
Posted 8/3/05

Hello all Clarke Alumni,  Clarke College held (and still holds) a special place in my life. Having come from a very large high school coming to Clarkes very small campus and enrollment was a great change for me. I know it was the Lord who directed my life there. 

This upcoming reunion will be 20 years since I left Clarke and would love for some of my friends and acquaintances from that time period to get together with me. I noticed that there are very few people that have posted from this time period and wonder where everyone has gone. Please email me and tell me what you think.


Update: 8/18/12

It has been a long time since I have visited this site.  I have a daughter in College now and is following my footsteps with a music education major.  She is now a junior at the University of Mobile.  We were discussing jobs and working while going to school and it brought back a memory I had forgotten.  I was paid (a very small amount) to secure all of the doors on campus at night.  I remember having the keys to every building.  I sure did love my experience there and would not trade it.
Love to hear from anyone that knew me.

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Clyde Lane - Class of '86
Clarksville, TN

Hey, Lisa, Mason (Ainsworth). It is me Clyde Lane, remember I gave you that friendship plaque. I still consider you a friend after all these years I see you got married.

Good for you, I hope that he loves you and treats you right. But I know that you would not have married him if he did not. I have been so out of touch with everybody. I just learned not long ago that Clarke College closed. It is good that Calvary Baptist Church is having reunions I have a lot of good memories about being there I am sorry to hear that it is closed.

Your friend and brother in Christ.

Email: clydelane@gmail.com


Morris Mott- Class of '86
Plainfield, IN
Posted 12/01/07

Hello everyone,

I found the Clarke site and wanted to drop a note. Many of you may not remember me, as when I went to Clarke, I served a church as a Pastor and worked for the radio station, WMYQ, just down from the college. Most of my time on campus was for classes and then off to work or to the church. After serving as a Pastor for several years, I now travel full time as an evangelist and Christian Country music artist. The Lord has really been good in my life. I am married and have a son. Hope to hear from you. Be blessed, Morris Mott

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Garland Boyd - Class of '87
Brookhaven, MS
Posted 3/17/10

No message given.

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Brookhaven, MS 39601

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Lisa Ainsworth Mason - Class of '87
Pearl, MS
Posted 8/14/04

Hello to all my fellow classmates! Yes, I've come back home to Pearl! I would love to hear from anyone who was at Clarke from 1985-1987. I have such great memories of my 2 years at Clarke.

Email: MythWeaver1966@hotmail.com

Lisa Ainsworth Mason


Christi Dillon Faulkner - Class of '87
Coal Grove, Ohio
Posted 6/10/05

Hello! I attended Clarke College 1987-1988. Since then, I transferred to Ohio University in Athens, Ohio where I graduated with a Mathematics degree in Secondary Education. I teach Pre-Algebra labs, Algebra I and Geometry at Symmes Valley High and Symmes Valley Middle Schools. I enjoy serving the Lord in my many ministries;

Reformers Unanimous, Church historian, Vacation Bible Schools, former Church School Board member, etc. I have three beautiful daughters 16, 15, and 5. My husband is also a teacher in the same school system. I would like to hear from anyone who remembers me. 

May God Bless Your Lives!

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Jimmy Van Jolly- Class of '88
Morton, Mississippi
Posted 2/23/06

I would love to hear from anyone wanting to talk or communicate by email. I will be communicating with many of you in the near future. I just came across this website. I spend 80% of my time at home due to several physical disablities. I haven't been able to work/preach since 2003. 

I noticed a few dozen names on this website, which instantly renewed Clarke College in my heart. Thanks Guys/Gals for the wonderful memories

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Morton, Ms

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Jimmy Van Jolly


Martin “Marty” J. Romero- Class of '88
Bayou Vista, LA
Posted 10/27/05

Hi, I hope everyone is well. I am still looking to contact Danny Etheridge. He is a good friend and I hate that I have lost contact with him. Please help! Danny lived or lives around Philadelphia, Ms. near Neshoba. His wife's name is Linda. Please tell him to call me 985-395-6069. Thanks! I would like to hear from any of you guys that I went to school with.

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1700 Saturn Rd.
Bayou Vista, La.

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Janea Savell - Class of '88
Tuscaloosa, AL
Posted 1/31/01

I am looking for alumni that were at Clarke 1986-1988. I am so glad that I found this site. I've been wanting to get in contact with some of my friends from Clarke for a long time. 

I now live in Tuscaloosa, AL. I teach 5th grade at Tuscaloosa Christian School where I am also the cheerleader sponsor. I would really like to hear from my former classmates.

Email: jsavelltcs@netzero.com

Janea Savell


Sue L. Chaffin  Class of '88-'89
Jackson, MS
Posted 8/23/00

I'm looking for anyone who attended Clarke College during the years of 1988-1989. I would love to get in touch with Juanita West. If anyone knows how I can contact her, please email me.

Email: chaffinls@yahoo.com