Michael D. “Mike” Miller -Class of '91
Posted 7/24/02

Hey, it's great to see Clarke memorialized with this website! If any of my former classmates or teachers would like to contact me, please email me. I'd love to hear from you!

In Christ's Most Excellent Service,

Mike Miller

5796 Hidden Valley Road
McCalla, Alabama 35111

Email:: usmcmstrsgt2u@yahoo.com


Paul Hand - Class of '92
Brandon, MS
Posted 4/13/04

Hello Everyone! Melinda and I are now living in Brandon, Mississippi. We have two girls--Baleigh, 8 and McKayla 7--We've got our hands full!! I am selling commercial insurance and Melinda is staying home, home schooling our children. We are members at Crossgates Baptist Church. In addition to our weekday jobs, we are also part of a Gospel Group called EMBRACE (no, I don't do any singing, Melinda handles that--I just drive them around in the bus and carry all of the heavy speakers.) The Lord has certainly been Good!

Sure do miss ole' Clarke College and all of our friends from there. We are occasionally in Newton and miss seeing the old buildings. It's kinda hard trying to bring back memories when you can't even recognize any of the buildings or streets.

If you get a chance, check out our website at: www.embraceministry.com think there might even be some pics of me with no hair (I pulled it all out when the kids were born!).

In Christ,

Paul Hand

Mailing Address:

410 Patrick Farms Dr.
Pearl, MS 

Phone: 601-939-0015

Email: phand@boylesmoak.com

Website: www.embraceministry.com

Paul Hand


Sheila Harbison - Class of '92
Irvington, AL
Posted 4/26/07

I am writing this note for Sheila Harbison. She and her husband Julius were students at Clarke during the last days of our college. I was called over the weekend but did not get the message until Tuesday evening that Julius went to be with the Lord last Thursday evening. He had a heart attack and his passing was very quickly. He had had open heart surgery and lost weight. He told his church the Sunday before that he felt better than he had in a long time. They were on their way to church that Thursday evening when this all happened.

You may contact Sheila by means listed below.

Mailing Address:

Sheila Harbison
7277 Murray Hts. Dr. S.
Irvington, AL 36544

Phone: 251-802-2691

Email: brojulieharbison@yahoo.com


Jody Kyzar – Class of '92
Decatur, MS
Posted 5/16/01

Great page. The years spent at Clarke were the best 2 years of my college experience. Wish the doors had not closed.

Paul Hand and I are trying to locate the baseball players who played from 1990-1992 for a reunion. Anyone with info can email me or Paul at the email address below. Both Paul and I live in the Decatur area and our phone numbers are published.

Paul's Email: phand@sfbcic.com

Jody's Email: jkyzar@virtualarmory.com

Jody Kyzar


Steve Nixon –Attended ‘90 –‘92
Ellisville, Ms
Posted 9/16/10

I Played Baseball for a year at clark and was in the ministry also. Clarke I will never forget those great times I had. I am married with 2 kids Spencer and Carabeth my wife is Stephanie.

Mailing Address:
535 graves
rt.d Ellisville, Ms

Email: sssnixon37@yahoo.com

Phone(C): (601) 580-1093



Dr. Tim Parker - Class of '92
Foxworth, MS
Posted 6/26/15

Email: brotim27@gmail.com
Phone (W): 601-736-6511
Phone (H)601-736-4823

Mailing Address:
Dr. Tim Parker
517 New Hope Church Road
Foxworth, MS. 39483


Kristi Savell Pulmano - Class of '92
San Antonio, TX
Posted 7/2/04

I just wanted to say I am glad we have this website and I hope to hear from some of my fellow classmates. My husband, Gary, and I are living in Helotes, TX with our 4 children, Zak, Ally, Katie, and Emily. We are doing great. My husband is a Nurse Anesthetist for the USAF. I am currently working as the Director of Elementary Education at our church ( Harvest Fellowship Community Church). Thanks again for giving us a way to contact our friends from Clarke. Please keep our troops in your prayers!


Mailing Address:
14207 Sonora Bend
Helotes, TX  78023

Email: kristip1995@yahoo.com

Kristi Savell Pulmano


Matt Cochran - Class of '92
Moss Point, MS
Posted 9/17/03

Glad to know some people still care. Jody, Paul, Alicia , and Kristi look forward to hearing from you all. The days at Clarke were too short for us all but the memories will last forever. I will try and let others know about this site to help us track down more old friends. Thank you all and God Bless....I would also like to hear from Coach Burt, hope you all are doing good....

Mailing Address:

3205 Jerry Davis Rd
Moss Point, MS

Phone: 228-588-2277

Email: mdc@mp.k12.ms.us


Dr. Eddie Ruddick – Staff ’82- '92
Stanton, AL
Posted 7/19/10

I want to share my new web address with the friends at Clarke Alumni site. I can be reached by e-mail at Clarke4eer.ruddick@Gmail. My own bout with diabetes and heart failure prevented from attending the Spring meeting. After a short bout with shingles, I am better.

My youngest daughter has moved in with me to be my care giver. She is an inspiration to me; every lost person she meets she feels honor bound to win that person to Jesus. Since God "works all things together for good," then He must be involved with our meeting new people.

You also reach me through her web address "Walkingpath@Yahoo.com.

I must share an insight the Lord gave me on Isaiah 57:15. God states that He inhabits eternity, a high and holy place, and with him who has a broken and contrite heart. When I asked at what speed He made that trip, God asked me: "Who moved?" When there is a broken heart or a repentant heart, God is already there. I shall never walk into an empty sanctuary again
because I know He fills the place plus He is enthroned in my heart.

With Love, Joy, Peace,
Eddie Ruddick

Mailing Address:

211 County Road 319
Stanton, AL 36790

Email:: Clarke4eer.ruddick@Gmailt

Phone:(C):334-349 1191

Mailing Address:

Dr Eddie Ruddick
211 County Road 319
Stanton AL


Joe Baker – Treasurer 50's to ‘66
Updated by son (Bob Baker)
Winston-Salem, NC
Posted 2/26/03

I was really pleased to find this website. My dad, Joe Baker, was the treasurer at Clarke from the 50s to 1966 when we moved to North Carolina. It was a great place to grow up. There were many wonderful characters there during that time that my family loved. Mr. McGaugh, Mr. Costello, Coach Beatty and many others. My dad passed away in November, 2002, after a long illness. He would have loved this website and finding out about this great little school.

Email: bakerrt@wfu.edu 


Kelton Valentine- Staff - Business Office until ‘92
Newton, MS
Posted 11/25/08

Mrs. Victory (Joyce) Vaughn, who worked in Dean's office for many years, died on November 17, 2008, in Jackson, MS, after several years struggle with Alzheimer's.

Funeral, Baldwin-Lee, Pearl, MS November 20.

Mailing Address:

108 Francis Avenue
Newton, MS 39345

Phone: (H): 601 683 2320

Email: tinetine@bellsouth.net


Paul E. Brown - Teacher ‘70-76
Southaven, MS
Posted 3/4/05

My wife, Connie, and I spent six wonderful years at Clarke College. She was the Librarian one year. For six years I taught Old Testament Survey, New Testament Survey, Preaching, Pastoral Ministries, and several Art courses. 

I was on the Board of Ministerial Education for the Mississippi Baptist Convention, and President of that Board for a year or more. I served as Faculty Advisor for the Clarke College Ministerial Association for a few years. We loved Clarke College--students and employees--and we thank the Lord for the continuing influence of that great school.

Email: pebcon@peoplepc.com


Dr. Patricia Dean Cearley -Teacher -'79-'82
Levelland, TX
Posted 4/11/02

My name is Dr. Patricia Cearley. I taught English at Clarke College from the summer of 1979 through the fall of 1982 when I left for another teaching job.

I have just visited the website and thought I would say hello.

By the way, when I was at Clarke, my name was Dr. Patricia Dean. I have since divorced and remarried, hence the new name, Cearley.

If you know or see Juanita West, please say hello to her for me.

Thanks and good luck,

Dr. Pat Cearley

Email: patcearley@yahoo.com



Chip Stutzman- Teacher ‘92
New Haven, Mo.
Posted: 1/20/04

Hello everyone...I recently talked to Coach Burt and he told me about this site. I hope everyone is doing well. I live in New Haven, Mo. and I teach American History and am the Head Football Coach. That's right, football coach. The baseball coach has been here forever. I'm sure when he retires, I will consider adding baseball to my list of duties.

Email: coachstutz@yahoo.com


Ted Wilson- Teacher '82-91
Hopkinsville, Kentucky
Posted 1/13/04

Dear Clarke family,

I taught Science at Clarke from 1982-1991. I have so many good memories from my years at Clarke College. Clarke gave me an opportunity to learn and grow as a teacher. Many of you helped me in my development as a teacher and I cannot tell you how much my Clarke experience still means to me. 

Since leaving Clarke I have been teaching Biology at Hopkinsville Community College and serving the Lord at First Baptist Church of Hopkinsville, Kentucky where I teach 9th & 10th grade Sunday school and serve as a deacon. 

Paulette teaches at Indian Hills Elementary, Jason is a junior at Murray State University and Heather is a senior at Christian County High School. I would love to hear from you. 

Mailing Address:

6685 Cadiz Road
Hopkinsville, Kentucky

Email: ted.wilson@kctcs.edu 


Margaret A. Bass (grandmother was a student in 1919)
Lake Charles, LA
Posted 7/1/03

I did not attend Clarke College--my Grandmother did. She was a student in 1919. She was a member of the Baptist Young People's Union. In fact, she was secretary of BYPU the first term. She is alive and well at the age of 102. She still treasures her yearbook from Clarke.

Mailing Address:

Margaret A. Bass
730 Caravelle Dr.
Lake Charles, LA

Phone: 337-217-1290

Email: Mogb1@compuserve.com


Christy Mangum - Friend of Clarke Alumn ( Inquiry)
Morton, MS
Posted 4/5/04

I am looking for a former pastor, Curtis Tuggle. at Sardis Baptist Church in Smith county (White Oak). He pastored here while attending Clarke College "several years ago."

I apologize that I have no more information, but this is all I have right now:

Anyone who may know about him may contact me by linking to the church web page and going to the "Contact Us" link.

Thank you,

Christy Mangum

Email: christym@sardisbc.org

Website: www.sardisbc.org


Vera Melton -Year of Graduation: DON'T ASK!
Pineville, Louisiana
Posted 6/6/05

Dear Friends

Words fail me as I try to express what you have meant to my family and me through the years. Many, many thanks for your love, concern, and prayers.

Please keep us in your prayers as you surely will be in ours. Together, let's seek to honor our loving Lord day by day.

IMPORTANT: When emailing Mrs. Melton, Susie, or me, in the subject block, please let us know you in some way you
are from Clarke.  Randle gets so much junk mail he sometimes deletes things if they don't stick out

Mailing Address:
154 Cedar Point Dr.
Pineville, LA

Phone:(H): 318-640-0329

Email: Evarnado@aol.com


Mrs. Ernestine McGaugh Burns – Staff Ladies Dorm many years
Winston Salem, NC
Posted 2/2/06

According to her sister who was living in Greenwood, Mississippi Mrs. McGaugh Burns still enjoys gardening and is in good health.

Mailing Address:

1199 Hayee Forest Drive Apt. 709B
Winston-Salem, NC

Phone: 336-759-0120


Dr. John T. & Frances Carter –longtime beloved teacher
Birmingham, AL
Posted 1/18/05


Mailing Address:

2561 Rocky Ridge Road,
Birmingham, AL

Phone: (205)-822-4106


Mrs. J.B. Costilow - widow of Bro. C.
Newton, MS
Posted 1/18/10


Mailing Address:

508 Scanlan Street
Newton, MS  39345

Phone: 601-683-2029


Angela Thomas Moak - ‘70’s
Child Of Bruce and Phyllis Thomas
Dorm Parents Boy’s Dorm
Plano, Texas
Posted 7/16/01

Hi Guys! This is so exciting. No, I didn't attend Clarke, I just lived there with my parents (Bruce and Phyllis Thomas) in the boys' dorm. I have very vivid memories of Clarke.

I vividly recall water balloons, shaving cream fights, water cascading through the apartment (someone plugged the drains in the showers upstairs), a Volkswagen beetle in the lobby of the dorm (thank you Moses!), a frog pond I thought I was immune from (thanks Doc Rogers for clearing that misconception up!), hanging out in the girls' dorm with all my "babysitters", playing pool at the rec center, Ms. Rasmussen's difficult little dog, that great magnolia tree on the circle, all my "older brothers" in the dorm, the rabbits and fish in the biology department. You guys were the greatest big brothers and sisters anyone could ask for.

After we moved back to Louisiana, I finished high school and went to college. Northeast, Louisiana College and Southeastern (okay, I did a small tour of colleges). After graduating with a degree in Zoology, I opted not to do medical school and went to work as a consumer safety officer for the US Food and Drug Administration. I worked out of New Orleans for 7 years and then transferred to Dallas 4 years ago as a Radiological Health Specialist.

I married a high school sweetheart (I understand my first crush, Thomas Peoples, was taken. Wink).

Sorry I couldn't make the reunion. Like I said you guys are family. Clarke will always be near and dear to my heart. I would love to hear from you guys.

Take care and God Bless.

Angela Thomas Moak

Email: pumpkinater@hotmail.com