Dora Pugh Chatam- Class of '71
Birmingham, AL
Posted 6/30/11

I'm so glad this site is available and hope that more alumni will post a message. I attended Mississippi State University after Clarke and met my husband, Ricahrd, there. We've been in Birmingham, AL for the last 37 years. We have one son, 31, and a beautiful 3-year old granddaughter. I've been working for AT&T for 29 years and look forward to retiring in a few more years. Since my mom still lives in Montrose, about 15 miles south of Newton, I go through Newton fairly often, but have only been back to Clarke once or twice. Lots of great memories of my years there, not the least of which was all those 'demerits' :) Thank God HE doesn't give demerits, I'd be grounded for the rest of my life.

Mailing Address: 428 Fern Cove Circle
Birmingham, AL 35244


Dora Pugh Chatam


Jim Kirkendall- Class of ‘71
Alexandria, LA
Posted 6/2/11

I just took a look at my first posting and realized it was 5 years ago. 

UPDATE:  I made it to Iraq and back home safely.  However when an old man goes to war, body breaks down when required to wear 47 extra pounds of equipment. 
Divorced following my return from Iraq, however a voice from the past called me on a birthday and we are now happily married, although I live in Alexandria, LA and she lives in Biloxi, MS.  I am currently doing a clinical pastoral education program at the VAMC in Alexandria and finish up in September.  Wife, Jo works as a chaplain at the VAMC in Biloxi.  We met 25 years ago as Navy Chaplains in San Diego but didn't have any contact during the last 16 years until that phone call.  Glad I answered the phone!!!!!!!
Address :

328 Main St. Apt 110
Pineville, LA
I am on FACEBOOK as some already know.


: Jim Kirkendall


Steve Sallis - attended Fall 1970
North Syracruse, NY
Posted 9/3/10

I attended Clarke only one Semester (Fall, 1970) but had a great time there.
After a stint in the USAF I attended and graduated from East Texas Baptist College ('79), Marshall, TX.
I served two churches in Northeast Louisiana before moving to Kingston, NY to pastor. 
Currently I am on staff with the Baptist Convention of New York and living in Central New York.

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North Syracuse, NY  13212


Phone: (Cell) 315.380.0458

Steve Sallis


Connie Johnson Skelton – Class of ‘70
Gadsden, AL
Posted 2/13/12

Message: Clark College was one of the most meaningful developments for my growth as a young Christian.  The foundation has set my life in knowing that I can do whatever set out to do.

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Connie Skelton Johnson
3445 South Valley Rd
Gadsden, Alabama  35907


Phone (Cell) 256-442-8382


Connie S Johnson



Bob Amos-Class of '71
Aztec, New Mexico
Posted 7/26/12

Looking for Clarkies from 1969-1971. If you attended Clarke during the years of 1969-1971 and remember Miss West, Pop McGraw, chome dome, Jimmy Miller, Larry Gatewood, Terry Mahan, Bob(by) Amos, T-Bone, Bobby Pennybaker or others from the 1969-1971 years. My occupation is M.O.S.T. Missionary to First Baptist Church, Aztec, New Mexico. I've been married to Bev for 6 years.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Philippians 1:21 and Ephesians 2:8-10

Bob Amos

Address: 806 Baird Circle
Aztec, New Mexico 87410

Phone: (H) - (505)333-7490

Phone: (C) - (208)680-7580



Garry Breland Attended 1970-71
Hannibal, MO
Posted 3/29/04

Greetings to all Clarke friends. Please note my new email address.


Mailing Address:

5204 Wyaconda St.
Hannibal, MO 63401

Email: (Updated 3/29/04)


Jim Gunter- Attended '69-'71
Tupelo, Ms
Posted 1/4/02

I was fresh out of the Air Force, recently born again, knew nothing about the leadership of the Holy Spirit, but He clearly led me to Clarke College. It was a place where I found love, acceptance and friendship on a level I had not previously known. The relationships with teachers and fellow students was unsurpassed. I know there were days I asked myself, "Is this Heaven or what?" I was in La-La Land---as far as I was concerned, everybody loved me and I loved everybody. That was Clarke College to me. Anyone who dared to write in my SEER/TRACES yearbook(s)---I would very much enjoy hearing from you. Rocket mail me at --Actual mailing address is: 625 River Birch Dr., Tupelo, Ms. 38804 ---YOU ARE MUCH LOVED.




Randy Johnson - Class of '71
Mobile, Alabama
Posted 9/12/08

Dear Friends,

Since our last entry, our lives have taken a radical change. On May 27, 2008 I resigned as pastor of the Cypress Shores Baptist Church. I was not ask to resign but I was ask to compromise biblical principles. I would not and could not so I resigned.

Janie and I are now serving as "houseparents" at the Alabama Baptist Children's Home located in Mobile, Alabama. I told some one the other day, "I've gone from a baby sitter (pastor) to a zoo keeper(houseparent)." It is a joy and an honor to share God's grace and love with these children. Pray for us.

The administration has allowed me to preach as often as opportunities come and continue to teach at the University of Mobile. God is good and we are learning everyday just how good he is.

Still serving Jesus

Randy and Janie - Class of '71

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Randy or Janie Johnson
4284 Regulus Drive
Mobile, AL 36693


Phone:(H): 251-661-8379

Phone:(W): 251-639-0071

Phone:(cell): 251-463-4281


Terrence Mahan Class of '71
Cedar Creek, Texas

Please pray for my wife, Deborah. She has a liver problem (NASH) and will eventually require a transplant. She is going though the prelimenary preperation stages of being placed on the transplant list at San Antonio's Methodist Transplant Center now. In addition the doctors have also noted that her heart has two valves that are back flushing due to her liver problems.

Thursday they found spots in her lungs that were not seen on the last visit. So now we have to watch for this. It seems like something new each visit.

Please - Please lift her up in your prayers. Right now she needs Gods comfort and strength through this tramatic period of her life, she has no fear of death, she know where she will go, but she worries for me, her children and other family members on what they will go through if the worst occures. Emotionally and mentally she is maxed out.

Thank you in advance for your prayers and may

God Bless you all.

Mailing Address:

156 Pope Bend Road
North Cedar Creek, Texas

Phone: (cell): 512 629-3735


Rickey McKay -Class of '71
Woodland, MS
Posted 9/6/01

I accepted God's call to Bethlehem Church [ Choctaw County] soon after graduation in 1971 and have been pastoring in Ms ever since. Rachel [my wife] and I met the day I preached my "trial sermon" at Bethlehem. Victor Vaughn [Dean Vaughn] performed our wedding ceremony on May 28th 1972.

The LORD has blessed us in many, many ways. Those blessings include a daughter whose name is Ericka and a son - Bobby Denton [named after his granddads]. Ericka is employed by BancorpSouth and is married to Neil Clayton who is an electrical engineer working with Dover Elevator. They make their home in Southaven, Ms. They have a pug named Jackie Sherrill.

You might guess they graduated from Mississippi State! Bobby Denton attended Blue Mountain College and is taking seminary extension courses. He is married to Amy Littrell who is finishing up at Blue Mountain.

Bobby is pastor of Airport Baptist Church in Grenada, Ms. He is also employed by Garner-Harper Funeral Home. Bobby Denton and Amy have a border collie named Jameson. I guess you could say we have two grand-pups. 

Rachel and I moved January 13th to the Bethel Baptist in Chickasaw County. Our mailing address is: 183 County Road 416 - Woodland, Ms. 39776. You can e-mail me at I would love to hear from my old friends from Clarke College. YES - we are getting old [I turned the big 50 on August 17]. PLEASE don't send any belated cards UNLESS they contain a really big check!

May GOD continue to bless and use those with Clarke College connections.



Linda) Nail - Class of ''71
Hattisburg, MS
Posted 4/10/11

I just discovered this website & thanks, Martha for letting me know about the upcoming reunion. I was from Grenada, MS & graduated from Clarke in 1971; you all may remember me from being a hall monitor or the part-time jobs I held at Clarke: Business Office/bookstore & sitting at the desk in the girls dorm to call them for visitors/dates. I went to MS College 1 year; the moved to Little Rock, AR where I attended UALR; then got married & had boy/girl twins--last name Butzlaff. After 5 years of marriage, I was a single mom for almost 12 years. During that time, I worked in Insurance, which became my career. I helped start a Singles Again class in Markham St. Baptist Church in Little Rock; a much-needed ministry. In 1988 while visiting with my family during Thanksgiving in Grenada, I met a wonderful man (last name also Nail--you know, like a Smith marrying a Smith) & we were married in 1989...wonderful man with whom I have served the Lord for 22 years. He lived in Hattiesburg & was with the military at Camp Shelby, a career of 38 years when he retired in 2007. We both still work; have 4 grandsons & 1 granddaughter, 2 girls & 2 boys together. Graham Boutwell, class of 1973?? is our Minister of Music at 38th Ave. Baptist Church in Hattiesburg. My son worked with Cathy Collins Watkins at MS Music her for several years. I am thrilled to be back in touch with you all; why did I not think there would be an Alumni site before? DUH!! :-) May God bless all of you; Clarke was a beautiful tool in the hand of our mighty God for so many down the generations! I hope to see many of you in June at the Ag Bldg in Jackson!! Until we meet....again!

Linda Nail (Butzlaff) Nail

Email, text, or Facebook Friend me!!

Mailing Address:
115 Sis Circle
Hattiesburg, MS



Danny Panter - Class of '71
No Location Given
Posted 8/2/15

No Message:

Phone: (H) (807) 761-2945


Mary Kathryn Gregory Rogers- Class of '71
Louisville, MS
Posted: 6/30/11

I always remember my days at Clarke with pleasure. Those were the best! Where have all the years gone? Married, have 2 wonderful children, and 5 grands. Can't say enough about them. I'm on FB. Love to hear from all those from Clarke. We love to help with Bible Drills. I'm retired from teaching school; taught 29 years. Loved every minute of teaching, but was needed by my parents. GOD bless and keep all Clarke attendees, graduates, staff, and supporters. Sure do miss those days. Kathryn

Mailing Address:
9439 Highway 490 E.
Louisville, MS 39339


Mary Kathryn Gregory Rogers


Chris Spurlock, Jr. Class of '71
Location: ?
Posted 3/17/02

I am very saddened at the news of Paul Bryant's death. While I was at Clarke I got a quartet together: Gene Gillis, 1st tenor, Bear, our lead, our 2nd tenor (whose name has left me) and I was the Bass. We were the Soul Seekers quartet.

We also were blessed with probably the best pianist I've ever encountered whose name I can not remember. There are many missing memories for me: Where is Gene Gillis, an extraordinary tenor, the name of our 2nd, operatic quality, tenor and what happened in his life and who our pianist was.
We were asked to help cut a record with Mr. McElwain as the featured soloist but I never got my copy! Ricky Mckay was at different times, like Paul, my room mate during my stay but I have never learned anything of him since I graduated.

My year book was destroyed in a flood we suffered while in seminary. If any one can fill in any of these blanks I would be grateful.

Chris Spurlock, Jr.



Elaine MartinTalley- Attended ‘71
Alexandria, LA
Posted: 3/26/10

We have moved to Alexandria, La where my husband pastors a small country church outside town. I am his pianist and solist. God has really added to our church, and is building it back up after years of decline before we took the church 7 months ago. We are seeing folks saved, and the church revived. What a blessing! We are loving it here, as we lived in a beatuiful gated community where 300 yr old Oaks line the lane, and every home and street is so shady. It's a very relaxing, laid back astomoshere, and are enjoying it.

Mailing Address:

Jimmy & Elaine Talley
1115A Jim Meyer Drive
Alexandria, Louisiana 71303


Phone:(H) 318-880-1851

Phone:(C) 318-880-1351

Elaine MartinTalley


Harrel Wilcox -Class of ‘71
Mobile. AL
Posted 11/25/08

Hello, all who read in spite of cataracts and tri-focals! You may remember me as a "mature" student in church music. We moved from Cheyenne, WY after discharge from the Air Force to study at Clarke, right after Camille passed over Newton. Shirley and I have very fond memories of Clarke, and are in Mobile with other grads, Randy Johnson, Benny Still, Don Wainwright, Lloyd Parnell, just to name a few. (hope I didn't miss anyone). I had lunch this week with Jimmy Knight, who was visiting his daughter Jamie. We had a great day. Shirley and I are still married to each other and celebrated our 50th last June. We are members of Moffett Road Baptist Church in Mobile, and Dr. Terry Cutrer is pastor. We will enjoy having Randy for pulpit supply this Sunday in Terry's absence. I Served as a "minister of music" and everything else on church staff for many years until the Lord changed the direction of my ministry, and I have been a Hospice Chaplain since June of 2000. We!l,have to end this to go to WalMart and print pictures of the grand kids! Let us hear from you!

Harrel & Shirley Wilcox

Mailing Address:

5325 Forest Oaks Dr. S.
Mobile, AL 36618


Phone:(H): 251-341-1492


Brenda Box Wilder Class of '71
Clinton, Ms
Posted: 8/2/15

I recorded a piano cd as a fundraiser for our Clarke College Alumni Chapter. They are available to the public, so If you are interested in purchasing one, send a donation of $15 to Bettye Hodges Jones by sending her a check, texting or calling her directly at 615-260-6472. The address is 1419 Margaret Close, Murfreesboro, TN 37130. If you would like to get one and give one to someone who could really use some praise music in their life, two can be purchased for $25. You would be a blessing to someone else and support the ministry of Clarke College at the same time. My desire is that this music will fill your heart with peace and praise as you listen.

Mailing Address:
1735 Clinton Raymond Rd.
Clinton, MS 39056


Phone(H): 601-924-9287
Phone(C): 601-918-3026

: Brenda Box Wilder